The Israeli Who Met the Angel Of Death

Tamar Yonah ,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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He was the most secular Israeli you could imagine.   Alon Anava's choice of long hair, tattoos, and ear piercing made him look more 'rebel' than 'rabbi'. 

"Religion didn't interest me, I didn't believe in G-d.  ...I didn't have any interest in religion, even more than that, religion looked to me ridiculous, religious people looked insane, ...I didn't want to have any connection."  As soon as he could, Alon swapped Tel Aviv for New York.  He dropped out, and enjoyed his youth to the hilt in the city that never sleeps. He spent his time on drugs and partying, not thinking about the future.  That was 9 years ago.  Today, the earrings are gone, he sports a long beard, short hair and a big black yarmulke (skull cap) on his head - because he had a Near Death Experience (NDE). 
This is how Alon dies? This is like, ...the end? In a cab in New York?

He was riding with his girlfriend in the back seat of a taxi, when the drugs he took over powered his abused body and he succumbed.  There he was, dead.  His girlfriend freaking out in the taxi.  He floated above them both, seeing his body hunched over on her lap.  Hovering over and witnessing his death, thoughts began spinning around in his head and he says to himself,

"This is how Alon dies? This is like, ...the end? In a cab in New York? This is ...the story of 'Alon'? And it [a voice] tells me, "Yes. You're dead.  This is how it ends."

Alon Anava will describe his meeting with what he describes as, 'The Black Thing' or the 'Angel of Death' and how he experienced tremendous pain -physical as well as emotional, in a type of 'hell' that he was thrust into from his NDE.  He knew he had to change.  How he changed is the dramatic story he will tell us today at 7pm HT (Holy Time) ;-)  or 12 noon EST.  Call in with your questions. From the USA, Canada & Israel, call toll free:  1-800-270-4288  or if from another country, send an 'instant message' (not an email) to: (text your first name and telephone number including country code, and our engineer will call you for the show).

Hear his complete [detailed] story at his website HERE.