News Briefs

News Briefs

  • 5:21 PM

    Hundreds prepared for a Peace Now assault on Samaria town

  • 5:15 PM

    Police to limit confiscation of PA flags for Jerusalem Day

  • 5:07 PM

    Cost of kosher foods skyrockets in Great Britain

  • 5:06 PM

    Disturbances in Shimon Hatzadik

  • 4:27 PM

    Iran’s Revolutionary Guard constructing 'mobile naval city'

  • 4:16 PM

    Helicopter rescue over Sea of Galilee

  • 3:58 PM

    Man indicted for robbing lottery ticket booth

  • 3:44 PM

    Four injured in Samaria riot

  • 3:17 PM

    Bennett vows Jerusalem Day parade will go ahead as planned

  • 2:57 PM

    Deputy Minister demands investigation against Religious Zionism MK

  • 2:56 PM

    No change to route of Jerusalem Day parade

  • 2:53 PM

    Erasing medical debts in Chicago - because of Shmita?

  • 2:42 PM

    Gantz refutes reports of cooperation with Netanyahu

  • 2:38 PM

    Shas leader joins naming of shooting victim's son

  • 2:21 PM

    New Hope MK: "Damascus Gate doesn't belong to Hamas"

  • 2:06 PM

    Shooting in Israel's north

  • 2:04 PM

    Likud MK welcomes IDF gender barrier repeal

  • 2:00 PM

    Survey reveals massive US partisan gap on support for Israel, PA

  • 1:43 PM

    Infant rescued from locked car in Jerusalem

  • 1:40 PM

    Border Police capture burglary gang

  • 1:27 PM

    Bechukotai: We must appreciate community Rabbis and Rebbetzens.

  • 1:20 PM

    IDF ends third week of Chariots of Fire

  • 1:15 PM

    Likud MK: 'We'll get 61 seats next time - you can quote me on that'

  • 12:27 PM

    Anti-assimilation group absorbs 720 Ukrainian Jewish refugees

  • 12:02 PM

    Pelosi spews 'baloney' about Biden fixing inflation

  • 11:46 AM

    Clinton lawyer who 'leaked' Russiagate refuses to take the stand

  • 11:39 AM

    Watch: O'Rourke crashes news conference on Texas shooting

  • 11:33 AM

    Watch: Afghani newsman wears 'half-burqa' in protest of Taliban

  • 11:27 AM

    Poll: Likud 35, Otzma Yehudit 6, Meretz 0

  • 10:21 AM

    Senior Fatah official: We must make the Americans quake in fear

  • 10:07 AM

    Texas shooter's blood-soaked home revealed

  • 10:07 AM

    Antisemitism envoy Deborah Lipstadt talks Buffalo shooting

  • 9:37 AM

    'We should free our prisoners by kidnapping Israeli soldiers'

  • 9:27 AM

    An Orthodox Jew in Azerbaijan

  • 9:22 AM

    Watch: British reporter confronts Ted Cruz about US shootings

  • 9:17 AM

    9 monkeypox cases confirmed in the US - all LGBT men

  • 9:14 AM

    INTO THE FRAY: The fatal flaw in Israeli strategic thinking

  • 9:04 AM

    No rainbow’s end for the Jews of Oz

  • 9:01 AM

    Terrorists open fire, hurl bombs at IDF soldeirs in Jenin

  • 8:57 AM

    Bamidbar: What is the significance of 600,000 Israelites?

  • 8:49 AM

    Talks with Saudis reportedly underway but can Biden be trusted?

  • 8:45 AM

    Rabbi Simcha Hakohen Kook zt"l

  • 8:32 AM

    In 'bizarre' letter, Putin and Belarus reveal 'new world order'

  • 8:25 AM

    Russia scraps military age limit with 15,000 soldiers killed

  • 8:10 AM

    Mizrachi recruits 1,000 gap year students as Diaspora emissaries

  • 8:03 AM

    Bamidbar: When mystery prevails over human understanding

  • 7:33 AM

    The Book of Numbers?

  • 7:14 AM

    Saudi Arabia squashes rumors of high-level meetings with Iran

  • 7:10 AM

    10 new cases of monkeypox diagnosed in Canada

  • 7:08 AM

    WHO condemns Russian strikes on Ukraine

  • 7:06 AM

    Golden State Warriors defeat Dallas, punch ticket to NBA Finals

  • 6:49 AM

    Iranian Foreign Minister: 'Zionist regime has taken US foreign policy hostage'

  • 6:14 AM

    Iraq approves: Death penalty for normalization with Israel

  • 5:51 AM

    Zelenskyy: 'Russia carrying out genocide in Donbas region'

  • 5:10 AM

    Foreign Ministry chief: 'US needs to explain leak on elimination of IRGC official'

  • 4:53 AM

    Hamas: Flag Dance on the Temple Mount - a pretext for war

  • 4:12 AM

    Al Jazeera turns to ICC over journalist's death

  • 3:43 AM

    30-year-old motorcyclist hit by vehicle in Tel Aviv

  • 3:20 AM

    Historic reception at the embassy in Bahrain

  • 2:39 AM

    Tel Aviv: Man hit by small ambulance, suffers serious injuries