News Briefs

News Briefs

  • 16:16

    Father of friendly fire victim "Natan wanted Israel to be united"

  • 16:15

    US orgs to Biden: Deny visas to 'brutal Iranian regime'

  • 15:25

    Education Min.: 'There's money for an agreement with teachers'

  • 14:57

    Texas: Version of Anne Frank's diary to be removed from shelves

  • 14:43

    Jerusalem bus accident: 'Despite the tragedy, we must acknowledge the miracles'

  • 14:37

    New police commander cancels Temple Mount restraining orders

  • 14:33

    Pres. Herzog: Members of all faiths can live together

  • 14:12

    It's official: Israel and Turkey to reopen embassies

  • 13:52

    Gantz: I will continue meeting with Abbas, countless lives were saved

  • 13:30

    Netanyahu to haredi MK: You're hurting my bloc

  • 12:48

    'I'm not a Holocaust denier, Israel is massacring Palestinians'

  • 12:06

    Politicians from both sides of aisle call out Abbas antisemitism

  • 11:53

    EU official: 'Holocaust distortion is dangerous'

  • 11:31

    Turkey and Israel to announce return of relations

  • 10:58

    Lesbian turned down by apartment owner sues - and loses

  • 10:47

    Rav Yitzchok Hutner's Relationships with America's Gedolim

  • 10:43

    Gantz answers Abbas: Despicable and false words

  • 10:11

    Report: Senior ISIS official eliminated by Egyptian army

  • 9:22

    Netanyahu explores outcome of split between right-wing parties

  • 9:11

    Homes of 21 terrorists searched by security forces

  • 8:56

    Lloyd Austin: Commitment to Israel's security is ironclad

  • 8:32

    One Year After Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle: Recap

  • 8:31

    IDF to consider letting soldiers fly in Saudi and Omani airspace

  • 7:59

    Music festival bans Spanish hip-hop group for defacing Israeli flag

  • 7:39

    Environmental group announces reinstated Israel trip

  • 6:52

    Watch live: 225 new Olim arrive in Israel on Nefesh B'Nefesh flight

  • 6:51

    Ambassador to Azerbaijan: 'Take the threats of the murderous Iranian regime seriously'

  • 6:38

    Inspiring: We're excited to come home

  • 6:27

    New Mexico adopts IHRA definition of antisemitism

  • 6:09

    Imprisoned terrorists planning new campaign against Israel

  • 5:42

    Liz Cheney loses Wyoming GOP primary

  • 5:20

    Israel concerned US will make additional concessions to Iran

  • 4:43

    FBI interviews former White House counsel on Trump documents

  • 4:11

    Yad Vashem chairman: 'Abbas' despicable words in Berlin are appalling'

  • 3:38

    Turkish air strike in northern Syria kills at least 11

  • 3:15

    German ambassador to Israel: 'Abbas' statement is wrong and unacceptable'

  • 2:37

    Zelenskyy to meet UN chief and Turkish President

  • 2:19

    EU and US studying Iran's response to nuclear deal proposal

  • 1:53

    Biden signs health care, tax and climate bill into law

  • 1:14

    Ukraine's nuclear operator says its website was hacked

  • 0:46

    Fire breaks out in hotel room in Eilat

  • 0:00

    Lapid blasts Abbas: 'History will not forgive him'

  • 23:32

    Abbas: Israel committed 'holocausts' against the Palestinians

  • 22:53

    MK Tur-Paz to Arutz Sheva "The next Yesh Atid Government will have room for the haredim"

  • 22:37

    Johnny Depp to direct film about Jewish Italian painter Modigliani

  • 21:49

    50 years after massacre, Israeli team wins gold in Munich

  • 21:45

    Extremist group targets Long Island with antisemitic flyers

  • 21:02

    Hundreds attend funeral for soldier killed by friendly fire

  • 21:01

    Canadian Jewish Civil Rights Association merges into B’nai Brith

  • 20:31

    US border patrol caught 10 people on terror watch list in July

  • 20:25

    Chief of Staff orders probe into deadly friendly fire incident

  • 19:37

    Weekly Tanya video/lecture: The Epistle on Repentance

  • 19:34

    Netanyahu almost resigned in 2006

  • 19:15

    Israel's Supreme Court ruling on autopsying a murdered chiid

  • 18:45

    Haredi families set up new outpost in Gush Etzion: Derech Emunah

  • 18:41

    “Kol Rina” CEO: “I felt like the name put us into darkness.”

  • 18:19

    Russia says explosions at Crimea military site were ‘sabotage’

  • 18:08

    Jerusalem bus crash: "Bus company's apathy is disgraceful"

  • 17:31

    EU intelligence agencies warn of Belgian far-right festival

  • 17:25

    Exiled Ukrainian oligarch places 'Jewish death curse' on Putin