Sivan 9, 5780, 6/1/2020
Sovereignty Plan:

Netanyahu keeping sovereignty map secret - even from Benny Gantz

Officials say PM keeping map of sovereignty plan a secret, with even senior coalition partners in the dark on Israel's planned borders.

Israel in talks with Saudi Arabia over changes to Waqf?

Israel, Saudi Arabia, in talks to integrate Saudi representatives into Temple Mount Waqf, Saudi official confirms.
9:11 AM

Infiltrators creating coronavirus hotspot?

Lack enforcement & testing, created situation where infiltrators walk free as elderly citizens remain trapped in their homes, activists say.
10:43 AM

Montreal: Vandals trash Torah scrolls, stuff tefillin in toilets

Montreal-area synagogue ransacked on eve of Shavuot holiday, with Torah scrolls, tefillin, prayer shawls desecrated.
7:08 AM

Armenian Prime Minister infected with coronavirus

Prime Minister of Armenia becomes latest world leader to test positive for the coronavirus.
11:22 AM

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