Cheshvan 17, 5780, 11/15/2019

UN extends UNRWA's mandate

170 countries vote in favor of extending mandate of UN agency for "Palestinian refugees". The US and Israel vote against.

Khamenei: We are not anti-Semitic, we're only anti-Israel

Iran's Supreme Leader claims Iran has "no problem" with the Jewish people and is only against the "imposed state" of Israel.
10:43 PM

Gantz to right-wing parties: Dismantle the bloc

Blue and White chairman calls on leaders of the right-wing parties to break up their 55-MK bloc. New Right: We won't dismantle the bloc.
9:16 PM

The unbearable ease of terrorists firing at Israel

Israel pounded by rockets fron Gaza - half the country paralyzed.
4:10 PM

The gift of the Mueller Russian-Collusion probe

Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer The balloon has already been deflated. It really does not matter anymore what this or that Schiff witness is going to say.

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