Tishrei 16, 5780, 10/15/2019

Trump to impose sanctions over Turkish action in Syria

US to raise steel tariffs, end negotiations for $100 billion deal over Turkey's attack on the Kurds in Syria.

Rainy Sukkot in Jerusalem

Thunderstorms in the capital on first night of Chol Hamoed.

Naama Issachar: I'm tired, I can't take it anymore

Mother of Israeli woman held in Russia visits her in prison.

Assessment: The Russian hacker will be extradited to the US

Justice Minister Amir Ohana expected to sign extradition order in the coming days against Russian hacker Alexei Burkov in the United States.

Rivlin must cook up a Netanyahu-Liberman omelette

David Singer Voters expressed a preference for a right wing coalition led by Netanyahu – 1,973,246 votes over one led by Gantz -1555,491.

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