Shvat 25, 5780, 2/20/2020

Sanders calls Israeli government 'racist'

Republican Jewish Coalition blasts presidential hopeful who called Israeli government racist: Outrageous.

Watch live: Democratic presidential debate from Las Vegas

Watch the 2020 Democratic presidential debate with former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg participating for the first time.
3:54 AM

Swastika spray-painted on Jewish-owned business in New Jersey

Large blue swastika and the words “white power” spray-painted on Jewish-owned business in Jackson.
4:16 AM

Watch: Meet the guy who plans to buy 2.3% of the planet

Prof. Uri Shanas came up with a groundbreaking idea: Private people get together to buy a big chunk of nature, and commit to preserve it.
2:38 AM

Only Wilders decries Islamic Jew-hatred in Europe

Dr. Andrew G. Bostom Comparative findings revealing disproportionate rates of extreme antisemitism and violence among Western European Muslims.

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