News Briefs

News Briefs

  • 18:51

    US and Taiwan enter into formal trade talks

  • 18:38

    Former Trump Organization CEO pleads guilty to conspiracy

  • 18:31

    Education Minister fears strike could delay school year

  • 18:21

    Doctors fighting to save life of baby who nearly drowned

  • 17:54

    Educational pioneer Rabbi Hillel Plesser laid to rest

  • 17:35

    Reporters in Gaza have never been free and aren’t now

  • 17:29

    Bennett visits family of accidentally slain soldier

  • 17:25

    Russian shelling of Kharkiv kills 7, injures 16

  • 17:04

    Petah Tikva mayor released to house arrest

  • 17:02

    Kriyat Shema – An invitation to new understanding

  • 16:57

    IsraAir experiencing scheduling difficulties

  • 16:55

    Merkaz Harav founder laid to rest

  • 16:54

    EU vows to support PA groups Israel says are terror orgs.

  • 16:19

    Baby rescued from pool in Modi'in Ilit

  • 16:18

    Five dead in storm in France

  • 16:09

    German man arrested for making Nazi salute at Israeli athletes

  • 16:03

    Teachers and Finance Ministry end labor negotiation without results

  • 15:54

    Foreign exchange update

  • 15:53

    Soldier who shot comrade released from investigation - for now

  • 15:41

    'In current situation, schools won't open on schedule'

  • 15:28

    Ramle man arrested for assault and threats in hospital

  • 14:48

    Exam reform: Large parts of history to be left out of curriculum

  • 14:16

    200 young haredi men enlist in IDF

  • 14:13

    'Zionist Spirit is a right-wing party'

  • 13:32

    Yair Golan: Religious Jews happy to endanger our children for their vision

  • 13:23

    Ukraine war: Jewish charity offers refugee children a semblance of normalcy

  • 12:59

    Lapid to German Chancellor: Europe must oppose Iran buying time in negotiations

  • 12:50

    Biden ushers in an era of nuclear chaos and war

  • 12:44

    Ekev:They heard only what they wished to hear

  • 12:43

    This couple is a true match made in Heaven

  • 12:34

    Chief of Staff reveals: Third country was attacked during Gaza operation

  • 11:41

    "my little angel" MK's infant daughter released from intensive care

  • 11:37

    Near-tragedy at Joseph's Tomb: Soldier fires towards comrade, causing light injuries

  • 10:40

    Twin cities: Nassau County, Binyamin Region, sign twin cities agreement

  • 10:21

    Security forces close 7 institutions belonging to terror group

  • 9:56

    Likud figures to Netanyahu: Reserve spots in list for women

  • 9:50

    Former WH official donates ambulance to Israeli rescue service

  • 9:20

    Israeli medical schools close their doors to foreign students

  • 9:05

    Hundreds of voters registered for both Meretz and Labor

  • 8:52

    'Not starting school year on time is completely reckless'

  • 8:05

    Manchester's oldest kosher certifier will dissolve due to debt

  • 7:23

    Senior Fatah official warns of excessive corruption in PA

  • 6:55

    Lapid's former no. 2 reveals who he will vote for

  • 6:17

    Suspected Rushdie attacker: 'I was surprised he survived'

  • 5:52

    Report: China warned Israel not to let US pressure hurt relations

  • 5:24

    Report: Trump considering releasing footage of Mar-a-Lago search

  • 4:41

    Pompeo to Biden: 'Deny Iranian President a visa to enter the US'

  • 4:13

    Israeli officials believe: Iran close to returning to nuclear deal

  • 3:37

    Tel Aviv: 50-year-old motorcyclist hit by vehicle, seriously injured

  • 3:15

    Liz Cheney: 'I'm thinking about running for president'

  • 2:34

    Emergency Conference to Demand Aliyah Overhaul

  • 2:21

    'It's a dream come true'

  • 1:53

    PA reports: One person killed in clashes near Joseph's Tomb

  • 1:24

    Terrorists open fire on bus carrying Jewish worshipers, no injuries

  • 1:09

    Arabs riot as Jewish worshipers enter Joseph's Tomb

  • 0:38

    Soccer: Maccabi Haifa defeats Red Star Belgrade in the playoff qualifier

  • 0:10

    Report: US asked Israel to review IDF's rules of engagement

  • 23:46

    Bruria injured in rock attack: 'She was full of blood'

  • 23:19

    Soldiers come under fire while securing worshipers at Joseph's Tomb

  • 23:00

    Brooklyn synagogue vandalized with Nazi graffiti