News Briefs

News Briefs

  • 11:03 AM

    Former A-G on legal reforms: 'Netanyahu wants to ensure his trials never properly conclude'

  • 10:54 AM

    Why the Israeli left will embrace Judaism

  • 10:49 AM

    Proposed law: Diaspora Jews to study at the same price as Israelis

  • 10:36 AM

    Sunni-Israel breakthrough diplomacy will make peace more likely

  • 10:22 AM

    Combating Arab crime: Police uncover weapons in Bedouin town

  • 10:17 AM

    Nord Stream explosions: High-level source describes US planning & execution of sabotage

  • 10:13 AM

    Rothman: We are ready for negotiations, but without preconditions

  • 10:00 AM

    Israeli delegation in Turkey: 'We saved a record number of people from the rubble'

  • 9:03 AM

    Forecast for today: Light local rain in the North and Center

  • 8:54 AM

    Lebanese report: Egypt told Hamas the US is interested in calm

  • 8:49 AM

    Kinneret up 3.5 cm over past day

  • 8:46 AM

    North Korea flouts ballistic missiles during military parade

  • 8:43 AM

    Diaspora Minister Chikli: 'I support compromise on amending the Law of Return'

  • 8:07 AM

    UTJ to Netanyahu: 'We'll leave the coalition if you don't pass judicial reform'

  • 7:51 AM

    Gafni: Supreme Court has too much power

  • 7:41 AM

    UTJ to Netanyahu: We will bring down government if no judicial reform

  • 6:56 AM

    Israel Police to recruit Border Police reservists for Ramadan activity

  • 6:49 AM

    Biden: 'I haven't yet made a firm decision on 2024 run'

  • 6:30 AM

    Turkey: Israeli forces rescue man from rubble of building in Kahramanmaras

  • 6:23 AM

    Following UN request: ICJ sets initial dates for submissions on Israeli 'occupation'

  • 5:47 AM

    DeSantis responds to Trump: 'I deliver results instead of criticizing others'

  • 5:15 AM

    At hearing in Washington: Accused Lockerbie bomb maker pleads not guilty

  • 4:58 AM

    NBA: Avdija scores 20 points as Washington defeats Charlotte

  • 4:51 AM

    An Orwellian assertion about judicial reform in Israel

  • 4:42 AM

    Ayman Odeh: 'We are against both the coalition and the opposition'

  • 4:10 AM

    Biden on China relations: 'We’re not looking for conflict'

  • 3:51 AM

    Podcast: Set your goals before you put money in the market

  • 3:36 AM

    Death toll in earthquakes in Turkey and Syria passes 15,000

  • 3:16 AM

    Barcelona suspends ties with Israel

  • 2:44 AM

    Sharon Uziel Peled to serve as director of Ministry of Public Diplomacy

  • 2:02 AM

    Twitter users report widespread problems

  • 1:48 AM

    Podcast: What is the true meaning of being 'religious?'

  • 1:09 AM

    Syrian boy films himself stuck under rubble

  • 12:35 AM

    Tragedy: Wife of Chabad emissary in Virgin Islands dies at 40

  • 12:11 AM

    Danny Danon proposes: Law to provide tax benefits for residents of Judea and Samaria

  • 11:38 PM

    Head of Central Command: Homes of terrorists who murdered Jews to be demolished

  • 11:04 PM

    UK Home Secretary vows to go after Islamist threat to Jews

  • 10:59 PM

    Mother, baby seriously injured in Be'er Sheva apartment fire

  • 10:18 PM

    Ex-prosecutor: Manhattan DA should have charged Trump for several crimes

  • 9:52 PM

    Justice Minister's ultimatum to Netanyahu of judicial reform

  • 9:43 PM

    Cincinnati targeted by hate group with antisemitic flyers

  • 9:36 PM

    3rd earthquake in Israel in under 24 hours

  • 9:17 PM

    Indian billionaire buys Haifa port days before fraud allegations

  • 8:39 PM

    Police Chief Rabbi: Congregants should carry firearms on Shabbat

  • 8:26 PM

    Ex-Meretz head Yair Golan: The era of civil unrest must begin

  • 8:07 PM

    Kyrie Irving slammed for deleting apology over antisemitic film

  • 8:04 PM

    Violence against doctors "The Bosso Plan": The plan to eradicate violence against doctors

  • 7:48 PM

    Olive branches: IDF medical aid delegation arrives in Turkey

  • 7:44 PM

    The significance of the IDF’s latest operation in Jericho

  • 7:12 PM

    UK Board of Deputies: Investigate British channel for 'conspiratorial antisemitism'

  • 6:54 PM

    Watch: IDF forces rescue baby from rubble in Turkey

  • 6:48 PM

    Man moderately injured in a violent incident in Kafr Kana

  • 6:30 PM

    Five injured in accident near the Sarah interchange near Beer Sheva

  • 6:27 PM

    An old house collapsed in Kafr Qallil following earthquake felt in Israel

  • 6:26 PM

    Iranian and Israeli co-direct thriller about Iranian regime

  • 6:25 PM

    Medical leader takes leave of absence to protest against legal reform

  • 6:00 PM

    Jerusalem Boy’s Choir - Nikki Haley: Running for the top

  • 5:52 PM

    Abu Mazen: We will provide assistance to the Syrian people

  • 5:49 PM

    Earthquake that was felt in Israel had a magnitude of 3.4

  • 5:44 PM

    ‘We are trying to get to those who are still alive’