News Briefs

News Briefs

  • 12:55 PM

    Prime Minister Netanyahu: 'Our message to Egypt: we expect a thorough investigation'

  • 12:21 PM

    Most important thing is Unity: Singer pauses concert to mention Egypt border attack

  • 12:06 PM

    The woke revolution unmasked

  • 11:57 AM

  • 11:53 AM

    41-year-old Ashdod resident arrested for robbing 70-year-old woman

  • 11:50 AM

    Two men detained for stabbing 11-year-old in Jerusalem

  • 11:48 AM

    Compromise on antisemitism

  • 11:09 AM

    Egypt border attack: 'Ohad loved the country, he loved doing what he did'

  • 10:58 AM

    If you expected an apology from CUNY law students, think again

  • 10:15 AM

    MK Rothman: 'There will be a judicial reform'

  • 10:02 AM

    Oil tanker suffers engine failure in Suez Canal

  • 9:27 AM

    Megaphone snatching incident: NYPD throws out complaint against MK Rothman

  • 8:55 AM

    New details from investigation: Terrorist was carrying Quran

  • 8:39 AM

    20 people injured, others feared trapped in Ukrainian city of Dnipro

  • 8:34 AM

    New York police close complaint against MK Simcha Rothman

  • 8:30 AM

    Weather forecast: Drop in temperatures

  • 7:44 AM

    Three IDF soldiers killed on Egypt border to be laid to rest

  • 6:55 AM

    Trump criticized for praising North Korean leader

  • 6:28 AM

    After election victory: Erdogan takes the oath of office

  • 6:20 AM

    Funeral details for soldiers killed along Egypt border

  • 5:59 AM

    Ben Gvir: 'Zero tolerance for anyone who attacks police officers'

  • 5:30 AM

    During New York visit: Minister Chikli greeted with chants of 'shame!' by protesters

  • 12:53 AM

    Israeli team upsets Brazil, goes to under-20 semifinals

  • 12:29 AM

    No cell phones for schoolchildren

  • 12:22 AM

    Report: Saudi Arabia and Iran discuss naval alliance

  • 11:40 PM

    Shooting in Tel Aviv

  • 11:37 PM

    TikTok star to emcee event celebrating Israel's 75th birthday

  • 11:19 PM

    83-year-old Holocaust survivor throws out 1st pitch at Mets game

  • 11:08 PM

    Death count from India train crash reaches nearly 300

  • 10:37 PM

    Israel demands answers over attack on Egyptian border

  • 10:21 PM

    Chilling: A fallen soldier's last TikTok

  • 10:09 PM

    Bulgaria ambassador condemned for skipping Holocaust conference

  • 9:53 PM

    Report: Mossad meeting in Italy was trackng unconventional weapons

  • 9:34 PM

    MK Rothman snatches megaphone from leftist protesters

  • 9:21 PM

    Ohad Dahan, killed on Egyptian border, to be laid to rest Sunday

  • 9:15 PM

    IDF names third soldier killed on Egypt border

  • 9:07 PM

    Two motorcyclists injured in collision with car

  • 9:04 PM

    MK Danon: Open fire rules must change

  • 9:01 PM

    India train crash leaves hundreds dead

  • 8:58 PM

    Man killed after tractor overturns in southern Israel

  • 8:35 PM

    Three IDF soldiers killed on Egypt border

  • 2:35 AM

    Shabbat Shalom!

  • 2:22 AM

    Hezbollah: 'No justification to blame us for killing UN peacekeeper'

  • 1:49 AM

    State Department announces Blinken visit to Saudi Arabia

  • 1:26 AM

    14 arrested during protests outside Netanyahu's home

  • 1:13 AM

    Erdan: 'Not inviting Netanyahu a serious mistake on the part of the US'

  • 12:40 AM

    FM Cohen: 'Normalization with Saudis - a question not of if, but of when'

  • 11:50 PM

    Palestinian Arab pretends to be Israeli, works as security guard

  • 10:57 PM

    During protest: Violent clashes near Netanyahu's home in Caesarea

  • 10:24 PM

    Explosions heard at Hamas military site in Gaza

  • 10:17 PM

    Brush fires across Israel contained

  • 10:08 PM

    India: At least 50 dead in train accident

  • 9:44 PM

    Podcast: Kindling the Temple Menorah

  • 9:33 PM

    US sanctions IRGC official over plot to kill Bolton

  • 8:47 PM

    'This is only the promo': Heat wave causes self-initiated power outages

  • 8:13 PM

    DOJ closes probe of Pence classified documents

  • 7:10 PM

    Shabbat Shalom from Israel!

  • 5:43 PM

    Elon Musk allows publication of anti-LGBT film on Twitter

  • 5:28 PM

    Electric company begins planned power outages

  • 5:11 PM

    US ambassador to Germany brings Holocaust memorial to 100,000