Accessibility statement

Israel National News – Arutz Sheva makes great efforts to serve all of its visitors. The site has recently undergone changes to accommodate all of the visitors, in accordance with the basic requirements of the W3C (WCAG) 2.0 guidelines.

In general, the site does not use pictures for text, making it more easily readable by screen readers and similar technology, without any need for adaptations. The site can be operated almost entirely by means of the keyboard (Tab, Enter), and does not require any special accommodations.

For screen readers with shortcuts, it is possible to move to H1 in order to reach the logo, and on the vast majority of pages, H2 will bring you to the title of article, essay, or forum.

Advertisements and sponsored content usually cannot be made accessible, due to the dependency on the content’s providers, but it is possible to skip these pages by using the Tab key, thus avoiding disruptions to reading the website’s material.

If you are using a screen reader, you can direct it to the main part of the site, thereby skipping all of the upper portion, which serves mostly for navigation purposes.

Landing pages from sponsors contain mostly a basic text description of what is being sold, along with an accessible form with labels, but in many cases, we have no control over what the sponsor chose to put into the advertisement, and the request to make it accessible must be directed towards the sponsor.

If you have experienced difficulties or content which does not “pass” the screen reader or other accommodating technology, please report to us via email, at [email protected]. We will handle the problem and do our best to solve it and help you find a solution as quickly as possible.