Trumping The Jews

Gershon Perlman,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Gershon Perlman
Raised in a secular environment in the USA until as a university student Gershon Perlman left everything behind in the 1970s to become an observant Jew living in Israel. He is a 23 year veteran of Gush Katif has raised a family and works as an ESL teacher. He has unique and deep insights in matters of Israel and the Jewish People.

Trumping the Jews

The Jews have been trumped again. The American president has proven himself more Zionist than the Zionists, more pro-Jewish than the Jews, more instinctually moral than the people of the book.

I cannot think of a single public figure in history who has been more castigated, maligned and vilified than president Trump. And by whom? - American Jews; American Jewish politicians, media personalities and American Jewish clergy. That the American president has not become as a result, an anti-Semite is behooving. That he remains true to his support for the Jewish state is as implausible as it is phenomenal.

The legality of Jews living on Jewish land in Judea and Samaria can be argued in the halls of international courts. But with fifty Muslim countries in the world, none of which see any issue outside the realm of Muslim issues, the result is known from the start. That the rest of the world seeks accommodation with that cohesive religious coalition over moral considerations is regrettable, but understandable. Even in 1948 President Truman had to override his secretary of state, General Marshall, who worked vigorously to prevent the recreation of the Jewish State for those same reasons. But Truman was in an election year facing the New Yorker Dewey who was very popular among his Jewish constituents and the president had his own personal accommodations to make.

But my interest is more in the substance of Jewish/Israeli society than world political personalities and mechanics.  The raison d'être of the Jewish people is to be a light unto the nations, to set the standard, to be the moral force in the world, for that world to emulate. The failure of the Jews in the exile is a result of living in the exile, a life of alteration if not mutation.  But the Jews of Israel should have no excuse. This is the land from which the beacon shines and the bearers of the torch are the kindlers of the flame, but the light is both dim and discolored.

The American president has trumped us, he made a moral decision that the State of Israel has not had the moral courage to make; the Jewish towns and cities in Judea and Samaria are not illegal.

Instead of our menorah enlightening the nations, Trump's liberty bell is ringing in our ears. Of course we are happy, but we should bow our heads in humility that our Jewish instincts are not yet at par with his healthy gentile ones.