Islamism's Hate Speech

US Israel Supporter,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
US Israel Supporter

With the almost sole exception of Russian expansionism in the Crimea and Ukraine, the world's large-scale violence is traceable to one clearly identifiable source. Whether it's Hamas firing rockets at Israel, Boko Haram enslaving, raping, and killing Christian girls, genocide of Christians in the Sudan, or ISIS conducting mass executions in Syria and Iraq, fundamentalist Islam (aka Islamism, to distinguish it from mainstream Islam) is the root cause. Muslims are often among the victims of Islamist violence. There is as much moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel as there was, for example, between Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill, or Hideki Tojo and Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the European Union and United Nations ought to know it.

HAMAS, as shown by its recent conduct in the Gaza Strip, stands for Hiding Among Mosques And Schools. Islamism hides similarly behind the social and legal protections that civilized societies extend to religious faiths. We are all taught from childhood to respect other people's religions, and our Constitution protects genuine religions without exception. Islamism is not a religion; it is an ideology that hides behind religion.

Suppose, for example, that skinheads with swastika flags begin to goose-step, proclaim their right to rule the world, claim the right to kill or enslave those they deem inferior, and shout "Heil Hitler!" Germany would arrest them because the Nazism is illegal in Germany. Even the United States would, despite the First Amendment, probably watch such an organization to make sure it did not act on its words.

Why, then, is another class of people allowed to proclaim openly that they will dominate the world, claim the right to kill, rob, rape, and/or enslave those they consider inferior, and shout the equivalent of "Heil Hitler?" Just as Hamas hides among mosques and schools, Islamists hide the equivalent of Nazism behind religion. It is past time to strip this ideology of that mantle to treat it as what it is; an ideology.