The Isaiah Plan: The Only Formula for Peace

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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The Isaiah Plan. This is the only formula that will bring peace.

(This is a re-post of a blog I wrote back in 2007 around the time of the Annapolis peace talks.  However, I believe it is still pertinent today, and I talked about this on my most recent radio show.)

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is coming to the region for yet ANOTHER stab at peace. -The establishment of a Palestinian State. It's not enough that there are at least 22 Arab states already in existence, and only 1 tiny, tiny Israel. They want to chop us up some more, slice us to bits like salami, and place a Moslem 'Palestinian Terror State' right in the belly of Israel.

This is where I live, this is where my house is, this is where my children were born and raised. This is where my ancestors lived. This is the region that G-d gave to the 12 tribes of Israel. They want to cut our heart out, wrest Jerusalem from us, and make it into a Palestinian state. Dig down in the earth here, you will find JEWISH, not Arab artifacts. This is where Jewish Kings ruled. There were never any 'Palestinian' kings, and a country of 'Palestine' never existed. Palestine was the Jewish Homeland.  My father was a 'Palestinian'.  Most Arabs came in to this 'Jewish' region looking for work as more and more Jews came home and joined their brothers who were here for centuries. These Arabs would be insulted if they were called, 'Palestinians' which meant JEW.  They were either Egyptians, or southern Syrians.There was never even an Arab Palestinian currency in all these centuries. The REGION known as Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire (1299 to 1922) and therefore used TURKISH currency. When the British came in after WWI, they made the Land of Israel the ‘British Mandate of Palestine’, and the Egyptian pound was used until 1927.  Egyptians swarmed into Israel for jobs, as the Arabs living in Gaza do today, crossing into Israel where they earn higher wages. 

Though my father is not in this photo, here is a picture of Palestinian Jewish Parachutists in World War II.

The British then made what is called, the Palestinian pound, which was of course equal in value to the British pound sterling.

Palestine Pound Wikipedia - Bank of Israel
British Palestinian Pound with English, HEBREW, and Arabic on it.  There was no such thing as an Arab Palestinian currency. There was never any country called Palestine.

The currency of 1948 with HEBREW. Palestine was JEWISH. 
The 'Road Map' peace plan and the 'Two State Solution' peace plan are just another re-hashing of a failed policy, the formula of 'land for peace'.
Each peace plan that has been shoved down the throats of the Israeli people in the last 30 years, has failed, and they have all been based on the 'land for peace' formula.

Here are some of the latest peace plans and summits from the last 30 years that have all been based on the formula of 'land for peace'. All have utterly failed and literally 'bled' Israel.
Camp David Accords (1978)
The Reagan Peace Plan (September 1, 1982)
Madrid Conference of 1991
Oslo Accords (1993)
Wye River Memorandum (October 23, 1998)
The Clinton Peace Plan (December 23, 2000)
Mitchell Commission (Plan) ( October 17, 2000 )
The Tenet Plan (June 10, 2001)
Camp David 2000 Summit (2000)
Taba summit (January, 2001)
The Zinni Plan (March 26, 2002)
Elon Peace Plan (2002)
Arab Peace Initiative (March 28, 2002)
The 2002 Nusseibeh-Ayalon Principles
The People's Voice (July 27, 2002)
March 2002 Saudi Peace Initiative
Geneva Accord (October 20, 2003)
Sharm el-Sheikh Summit of 2005 (February 8, 2005)
2006 Franco-Italian-Spanish Middle East Peace Plan
Binational solution
Two-state solution
Saudi peace proposal
Red Sea Summit
The Road map

Did you skip over reading all those peace plans and summits? No fair. Read them each, and concentrate on them. We bled and paid a high price for each one of those 'solutions for peace'.

What we should be saying to the U.S. administration is that we appreciate them wanting to make peace in the region, but they've gotten nowhere, except for weakening Israel and emboldening the Moslem Arab countries and terrorists. Thanks America, but no thanks. We'll handle it from here on out.
Our great prophet, Isaiah said in 32:17: "The product of righteousness shall bring peace; and the effect of righteousness, quiet and security forever." Got it? I think our great prophet was smarter then Bush & Co., Clinton & Co. and Carter & Co.
So, I propose we stop with all these peace plans. We should aim for justice and righteousness. We should pursue, not 'peace', but our enemies. Israel must crush the terrorist infrastructure. Israel must bring the Arab nations who conspire against her to their knees until they beg us for peace and give us an unconditional surrender. The only way to stop this war, is to WIN it.

The corrupt Palestinian Authority has forfeited its right to exist. It has encouraged, born, fostered, and sponsored terrorism. It has violated it's commitments it made in every peace treaty signed, which was to stop their violence and terror. We should mete out justice to those Arab terrorists and leaders who have spilled our people’s blood, to those Arab leaders who hold our soldiers captive, and to all the Arab and Moslem nations who conspire against us with threats of annihilation.

Justice we should pursue. We should demand the immediate criminal prosecution of the MUSLIM WAQF in JERUSALEM for destroying the Temple Mount.
We should bring PA leader Mahmoud Abbas to justice for his terrorist past, his involvement in the Massacre of our young athletes in the 1972 Munich Olympics. He wrote his Ph.D. dissertation, later published as a book, by denying the Holocaust.

We should also bring to justice any of our own leaders (whom I shall not name here) who have become corrupted, accepted bribes, armed our enemies, and released convicted terrorists. To these politicians who have sold themselves out, well, as an acquaintance of mine says, “They give ‘working girls’ a bad name. The Knesset today is the biggest brothel in Israel.”

By pursuing justice and righteousness, the world will be a better place, a safer place, and a more peaceful place.
So to all those planning the slicing up of Israel like a salami in Annapolis this November, I say, "Peace off!" We are going with the 'Isaiah Plan'. Righteousness.
And the result of pursuing righteousness will bring us peace.