Yossi Piamenta Moving Back to Israel

Ben Bresky,

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לבן ריק
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Ben Bresky
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"A Farewell Party For Yossi Piamenta" 

featuring Yossi Piamenta & friends 

July 5,2009 at the Highline Ballroom

Concert starts @ 8PM
Doors open @ 6 PM
Tickets $15.00 in advance
$20.00 day of show.

Buy Tickets Online http://highlineballroom.com/bio.php?id=1077

Full dinner menu available / General Admission Seated Show / All Ages / First come, first seated / $10 min per person at tables

From the press release:

"It all started when Yossi Piamenta got a $30 acoustic guitar as a Bar Mitzvah present form his uncle Albert, the biggest bandleader in Israel at that time. Yossi immediately fell in love with his guitar. He was so obsessed that his grades started dropping. At that point Yossi’s father smashed his guitar. Yossi was depressed and couldn’t eat for 2 months. After seeing Yossi’s heart broken, his parents bought him a real guitar, like no other kid had in Israel.

Yossi is a self-taught musician who would turn on the Jerusalem radio and play along. That’s how he learned how to play. He used money from gigs to buy the best audio equipment, international albums and music magazines. Yossi’s self-acquired education led him to become one of the most skillful and original guitarists on the Jewish and secular music scene. Yossi’s original style is best described as a hint of jazz, a drop of blues, and a whole lot of rock 'n' roll filtered through a purple haze of Oriental funk.

After finishing boarding school, Yossi joined a “Top 40” cover band as their lead guitarist. Then he joined the army, and played in the Army Band. After completing his army service, Yossi became a full time musician. During the Yom Kippur War Yossi, together with his 15-year old brother Avi, now an international acclaimed flutist, played for the soldiers. After that, Yossi and Avi immediately formed “the Piamenta Band.” The rest is history. The band went on to play with the most prestigious Israeli musicians. They were dubbed the “Mizrahi Rockers.”

In 1976 Stan Getz discovered the Piamenta Band. 3 weeks later Getz sent Yossi a ticket to America, where Yossi was introduced to the crème de la crème of American musicians. Getz was so impressed with Yossi’s music that he cancelled his schedule for 3 weeks to cut an album with Yossi. The album was so successful that Getz tried hard to sign a lifetime contract with the Piamenta’s but when Yossi saw what went on in the showbiz industry… he declined and ran towards his Jewish roots."

For more info visit - http://www.piamenta.com