Long Live Disproportional Response!

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Long live 'disproportional response' against evil!

Israel is being castigated all over the media for using disproportional response.  There is much to be said about knocking hard and devastating blows against one's enemy. Israel has been absorbing deadly attacks from these Arab terrorists, whether they be the Hamas or Mahmood Abbas' PLO, for over 7 years.   First of all, if israel HAD used proportional response, we would have been bombing them each time they bombed our towns.  We would have aimed for their civilians as they purposely aimed to kill ours. But no, we have not been using proportional response against the Arab terrorists.  We have instead been following a policy of restraint.  Only now with the Arab's onslaught and increased bombing of our population centers, has our government been forced to go in, fight back and attempt to neutralize these attacks .  The immense pressure from the population was too much for Barak, Olmert and Livni to avoid reacting to, in order not to mess up their quest for establishing a PLO state here, as per the plans of the International Community, including U.S. President George Bush through his 'Road Map'.

No doubt, the Israeli government finally got the green light to defend itself,  from the White House. Perhaps they felt they could let off the pressure in Israel without having to take responsibility or flak from their Arab oil buisness partners.  Bush is on his way out of the White house so would receive little blame for the Gaza operation, and Obama is not yet in the White House, so he cannot really be blamed either.  Thus, Israel gets a green light to defend itself without too much risk for them.

As for the media and nations around the world fuming over the wide difference in the death toll in this war, what does that say?  That they want to see more dead Jews?  I can never fathom how those in the West can want to see a Moslem PLO state be formed in the belly of Israel.  These western nations even fund these terrorists, -  the same terrorists who hate the West, burn the American flag, and threaten the European countries who host them.  These same Arabs they want to give a state to, believe the Americans are the 'Big Satan' and profess to launch a Jihad on these 'Sunday People', the Christians, after they finish off the 'Saturday People', the Jews. Go figure? 
Tit for tat doesn't work when one wants an end to a war.

And so the Jews, being the canary in the coal mine, must lead the way and defeat these Arabs who swear to our elimination.  And the only way to win a war, is to use disproportionate force.  If the Arabs could, you could be sure they would use disproportional force against us.  They've practiced disproportional force without shame when they grouped up against us, 3, 4, 5 Arab countries at a time to defeat the one tiny Israel as in the 1948, 1956, and 1967 wars.  Where was the voice and outrage of the International Community then?  When these terrorists aim for and target our civilians, our schools, our playgrounds, and our synagogues, is that not disproportional?  Israel tries to fight a clean war, aiming only for the terrorists, not the civilians.  If Arab civilians get in the way of these attacks, it is because the terrorists use them as human shields.  The terrorists purposely set up their missiles next to their mosques.  The Arabs purposely attack from or take refuge in their own hospitals and children's schools, and then yell bloody murder when Israel is forced to target these places they are attacking us from.

Israel has not used proportional response against those who are attacking her. The opposite. If Israel used proportional response, we'd be bombing and blowing up their busses, their cafes and their holiday celebrations.  If we used proportional response, we'd be aiming at their civilian populations like they do ours, and shooting missiles and rockets aimed at their homes, not offices and weapon caches like we do. 

Those calling for Israel to use proportional response undoubtedly want to see Israel continue to bleed.  Those who wish to see a more' tit for tat' response want to see this conflict continue.  Tit for tat doesn't work when one wants an end to a war that has been launched against its civilians. I've never seen a battle plan that calls for a 'tit for tat' response. The only way to win a war, the only way to prevent as many causalities (on both sides) is to put an end to one's enemy's capabilities to harm you.  The only way to put an end to the war is to use massive disproportional force.  Crush the enemy like the allies did in WWII.  Bring them to their knees so they will sue for peace as in WWII.  Make them so sorry for their attacks against us, make them pay a price so steep, that they not only beg for surrender, but beg us to take back our kidnapped soldier, Gilad Shalit whom they are still holding hostage.  "Please, take back your soldier, Gilad.  Here, take him, just please, stop your offensive against us.  We can't absorb any more blows, we surrender!"  That's the only thing we should be hearing from the terrorists.

Long live disproportional response!  And don't apologize for it. It's the only way to win a war.

I don't know who this guy is, but it's pretty humorous.