The Pharaoh Conspiracy

Tamar Yonah ,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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What?  Not ANOTHER conspiracy! Yes, my friends, as we delve into the Passover story, we read how Pharoah felt threatened by the Jews, and decided to act treacherously with them.  “He said to his people, “Behold! The people, the Children of Israel, are more numerous and stronger than we.  Come, let us deal wisely with them…” Exodus 1: 9-10

You see, even in those days, a Pharaoh wasn’t able to do whatever he wanted.  Political correctness existed in that time as well.  Pharaoh would have had a very hard time having his soldiers commit genocide against the Jewish population who had flourished in Egypt and grew to be a strong part of Egyptian society.  And let us not forget that a Jew, Joseph, was the prime minister of all of Egypt, so the Jews had it 'really made', much more so even, than Jews in America today.

               "Come, let us deal wisely with them. Let us amputate the Land of Israel, divide Jerusalem, and plant a terror state in its belly, and we will call it 'peace'."

Yet there were those that hated the Jews.  They were suspicious of this people who came down to Egypt and prospered so well. “Those Jews," they stated, "we open our doors to them and they become even greater than us.” 

And so a new king arose over Egypt, one who did not know Joseph. -They apparently forgot about the Jew Joseph who saved the Egyptians from sarving to death during their 7 year famine.  And so this new Pharaoh called a meeting, not unlike the Nazi's Wannsee Conference where they organized to plan the extermination of the Jewish People in Europe. 

Pharaoh said to his ministers: “Come, let us deal wisely with them’.  Pharaoh had to devise a plan where he could squash out the Jews without the press writing horrible headlines about him and his administration.   Of course I write this example in jest, but there was too much of a chance that his people wouldn’t cooperate, nor would the Jews themselves cooperate.  And so Pharaoh ‘dealt wisely’.  He conspired to enslave the Jews -with the cooperation of all. 

Our sages state that Pharaoh’s treacherous solution to the ‘Jewish problem’ was to deceive the Jews into showing their patriotism by building cities to safeguard the country’s wealth.  As the Midrash teaches, Pharaoh set the example by joining the labor force to symbolize that everyone must help Egypt in its time of need.  Once the Jewish volunteers were mobilized, in actuality donning their own chains -  it was easy for the next step, which was to enslave them.

                                          Pharaoh Bush

Next week, Pharaoh Bush will be coming to Israel.  His arrival should be well prepared for, with a strong public  stance stating where the red lines are and what lines he cannot cross over when he is here.  But we know what the agenda is.  We know that Bush is coming here not just for a 60 year birthday party of the Modern State of Israel, but in fact, he is coming in order to deal wisely with us.  Behind the handshakes, photo ops and smiles, he is pushing hard for the establishment of a Palestinian terror state carved out of the belly of Israel, before the end of his term is up.  He wants to wrest the Jewish people’s land, and hand it to her enemies.  He calls this ‘peace’ and he deals wisely with us.  Jews are being shot, shelled and bombed, and he tells us that this is the right way to end the bloodshed. He is dealing wisely with us.

Jews in Israel are holding the fort, building new communities, and keeping the land alive with Jewish life.  Will our brothers who are still embeded across the sea do their small part?  Will American Jewish organizations be bold enough to write a public letter to their president stating firmly their objections to the division of Israel and Jerusalem?  Will Jews in America sit by idly as their president comes to Israel demanding an end to Jewish building in our Biblical homeland, the uprooting of Jewish communities and the arming and training of our enemies?

If Jews in America truly believe they enjoy more freedom than we do here in Israel, will they be brave enough to march in the streets, protest, demonstrate and otherwise send a strong message, “No dividing the Land of Israel”,  “No to an Arab Palestinian Terror State.”  Or,  will they sit quietly in their living rooms, afraid of being accused of dual loyalty, especially after the arrest of Ben-Ami Kadish?  Are the Jews in America really as free and protected as they believe, or are they also part of the Pharaoh conspiracy, thinking they are good patriotic Americans/Egyptians yet are truly salves to their own red-white-and-blue master?