Historic and Revolutionary Philanthropic Opportunity!

Yosef Rabin,

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Yosef Rabin
Yosef Rabin lives and works in Jerusalem and writes on a wide range of issues affecting Israel and the Jewish world. Yosef can be contacted at ymrabin@gmail.com...

Dear readers, 

I would like to present to you a truly revolutionary and historic philanthropic opportunity!

For nearly 10 years, Shlomzion a grassroots charity based in Jerusalem has provided direct relief to dozens of families torn apart by illness and terrorism. Tens of thousands of families across the Land of Israel are simply unable to afford supplemental health insurance policies, thus leaving families in dire straits when tragedy strikes. The problem is even more acute in Kollel based communities, due to high birth rates and lack of two full-time household incomes.

We are now taking on an ambitious project to provide supplemental health insurance policies for those most vulnerable Our program, No Family Left Behind will ensure that thousands of impoverished families will be covered by health insurance in the event of medical emergencies. Policies will be purchased from the largest and most reputable providers, including; Clal, Leumit, Meuchedet and Maccabi.  

Prevention is the key: The purchase of 1,000 supplemental health insurance policies at a price of $450 per policy (per year) would only cost donors $450,000. Our initiative, No Family Left Behind would save hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in donations in the event of true family health crises.

Our sages teach us the importance of the Jewish community in Israel: "A small group in the Land of Israel is dearer to Me than a full Sanhedrin outside the Land” (Yerushalmi, Sanhedrin 6a). 

Together with partners around the world, Shlomzion will help the Jewish communities of the Holy Land in a cost effective manner with dignity and care.

Shlomzion representatives will be traveling throughout the US during the first two weeks of July to meet with interested communities. If you or your community would like to meet with Shlomzion to get involved in this historic opportunity, please contact me directly or use the following form and we be in touch within 24-48 hours. 



I look forward to hearing from you,

Yosef Rabin

Volunteer Event Coordinator, Shlomzion

US Number - 914-336-4669

Israel Number - 054-492-9220

Email - yosefmrabin@gmail.com

Shlomzion, founded in 2007 is a registered non-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization in the USA, located at 184-45 Avon Road, Jamaica NY 11432. All contributions are fully tax deductible, our Tax ID is 14-1995630.