Terror Attack & Jews Make Peace?

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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"Tamar, what happened?"  My husband is on the phone calling from the streets of Jerusalem.  I tell him I haven't heard anything but run to the computer to check the news updates.  He continues, "There are ambulances and police all over the place.  Something happened."   I then find the news item and alert him that there was a terror attack where an Arab terrorist used his tractor to attack a busload of people in it, downtown.  I tell him how many were hurt and that so far one person, a woman, was killed.  After we hang up, I go and say tehillim (psalms).  We then wait (mostly in vain since Oslo) for our government to say they are sending our forces out to stop the terror, but of course, nothing much happens.  Our hands are tied, and our politicians seem to gladly take orders from the higher-ups in the international community who they are beholden to.  It gives one ulcers, as I know the general public wants to fight and win.

In the meantime, the Jews across the nation yearn for peace.  They are tired, and they get dreamy, and the 'artsy' Jews (Jews in the arts) work at a solution by trying to make music and movies about peace, as our Arab neighbors and enemies speak of liberating Palestine with fire and blood.  Somehow our left wing liberal minded Jewish brothers still carry a point of view that if Arabs and Jews just understood each other, we could get past the hate and have peace.  I think Chamberlain tried that with Hitler.

Here is a film of about 7 minutes, that was just sent to me BEFORE the attack, about a Jew and an Arab, and how we should be friends.  It's nice, but naive.  Unfortunately, not everyone holds the same values of life and freedom.  Although there are a few Arabs who would prefer to live quietly and in peace, an overwhelming majority of their population does not want this, and supports terror, not peace making.  It's funny, because one never sees movies made of this genre by the Arabs.  It's only Jews, and as the movie was playing out, I knew Jews had to be the ones who made this film.

I was right.

I saw the credits.  All Jews. 

I am certain that when Mohamed, strapped with a bomb, or behind the wheels of a tractor, after seeing this movie, will cry, take off his bomb, hug a Jew, and ask for forgiveness.  Right?

p.s.  I am now uploading the LIVE Israel TV footage of the terror attack, some of it was filmed LIVE, as you will see the tractor shaking to the right and left as the struggle was going on, and also, the death toll has risen already to 4 dead.  You will also see the bus that was turned over in this video.  I am uploading it now and hope to have it up in several minutes.