“Obama? Shalom, it’s us, the Israelis, calling u back!"

Susie Dym,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.

“Hi, Mr. President? Phone-call for you. It’s from the Israelis – I’m putting them through.”

“Obama? Shalom, it’s us – the Israelis!  You asked us for an answer and we like to call back fast.

“Your statement about Shilo was fascinating! Here the State Department – the top policy agency of the world’s greatest superpower --  responsible for hundreds of millions of people --  “strongly condemns”  a mere 300 Jewish homes as:





    unfortunate, and  



“You’ve asked us Israelis to “decide between settlements -- and a two state “solution”. Dear  chaver -- we have decided long ago. There are hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers – not hundreds.  Yes, Quartet professional diplomats did call to “reverse current trends” and “advance” the “solution” they personally prefer on the ground. But this is OUR ground -- not theirs. That is why, as you say, you have been seeing the opposite of what the Quartet diplomats keep repeating, happening here in Israel. Jewish Israeli women have over 3 children apiece, which roughly means that the Jewish population increases 50% each generation (2 parents create 3 children). These current trends are not going to change anytime soon because our people is an eternal people.

"Proceeding with vibrant new settlement projects cements the reality that the Jewish people wants and needs -- perpetual Israeli sovereignty in our ancestral homeland. We will be sorry if you decide you must get the international community to condemn this, or try to temporarily distance Israel from some of its many partners. Because if you succeed, you will only have proved that certain “partners” are not worth us having.

"We are 100% confident that  common sense and decency will eventually cause of all of them, and you, to come round. Then, we can each continue solving our own society’s problems as we are doing so successfully here in the sovereign state of Israel.

"No need for you to continue worrying about Israel's commitment to achieving peace, either. Put that out of your mind. Mattot Arim is a very right-wing organization and even we are completely committed to peace – peace for peace.

"In short, there is nothing you need to worry about in Israel in general and in Shilo in particular. If the Obama family wants to see Shilo with their own eyes, to help you calm down,  Mattot Arim, our NGO, will be delighted to arrange a tour  for you anytime. However, be emotionally prepared – in Shilo, many Jewish Israeli families have 6, 7 or even 10 children apiece – rather than 3, or 2, as you have.

"All the best – from all of us. Love to Michelle and the kids. Bye-bye now."