Part 2: Answer to Assimilation: "The Tzitzit Project"

Yosef Rabin,

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Yosef Rabin
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In the previous article, "The Death March of US Jewry is Nearing its End", I discussed the dying Jewish community in America and several people responded to the article by asking practical ideas.

"The Tzitzit Project" – Mending the Relationship:

When one starts and ends his day in prayer; when one walks around with his head covered and with biblical strings flying out from under his shirt; when one has to be careful about what he eats; when one makes a blessing before placing anything in his mouth; when one disconnects from the hectic world every seventh day; that is a person who is committed in a relationship with his religion and is ready to take on challenges.

If we really want people to start re-connecting to the Jewish People and the Jewish Homeland, then we must re-connect them with the Mitzvot and their profound meaning. At the moment the “leadership” of the Jewish world does not celebrate guard the commands of our holy Torah themselves and thus the masses do not have an example! When Judaism becomes a “cultural event” without any real substance, young Jews then realize it to be a sham and flee en-mass. Any relationship is only as good as the amount of time spent developing that relationship and Judaism and Jewish Nationhood are no different.  In the opening lines of the Morning Prayer service we mention the following verse from Chronicles.

Remember His covenant forever, the word He commanded for a thousand generations, He made with Abraham and vowed to Isaac, and established as a statute for Jacob, for Israel as an eternal covenant saying ‘To you, I give the land of Canaan as your allotted heritage.”   

You get up and read this every morning, it begins to sink in and you understand that you must connect with this “eternal covenant”.

Years ago sent a letter to Jewish Rabbis and leaders across America calling for a “Tziztit Campaign” for Jewish boys and men, I wrote the following:

“We must take Judaism outside the synagogue and infuse it into our everyday lives. This is exactly what tzitzit symbolizes. By taking this simple four cornered garment and adding strings to them, I am tying myself to God, our nation’s past, present and future. We are never detached from the source. Jews worldwide are already comfortable with the concept of a Tallit Gadol, so the next step is to introduce to them the Tallit Katan.” 

The Torah states: “They shall make themselves tzitzit on the corners of their garments throughout their generations… and you will see it, and you will remember all the mitzvot of the L-RD and do them and not follow your heart or your eyes and run after them” - Numbers 15:38-40 

Similar to the Chabad Tefillin campaign, I would like to start a worldwide Tzitzit Campaign aimed to get a pair of tziztit on to as many unaffiliated Jewish males as possible and I would like to hear your input on how to get started.

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PS. This will be an ongoing discussion!