Terror Victims USA Citizens Obama Condemns Construction

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Many Recent Terror Victims USA Citizens, But Obama Condemns Construction

Even though many, if not most, of the recent victims of Arab terror attacks have been American citizens, the United States Government hasn't hushed their condemnation of building homes for Jews in Jerusalem. I'd say that the American Government's reactions to Arab terrorism shows a disproportionate sympathy with Arabs over Jewish life, freedom, religious rights etc.

According to ReutersState Department spokesman Jeff Rathke stressed Washington's "clear and consistent opposition to construction activity in East Jerusalem."
"During this sensitive time in Jerusalem, we would see such activity as inconsistent with the goal of lower tensions and seeking a path toward peace," he added. (Arutz 7)

What reactions to this have there been in the USA?

A photo I took in Har Chomah a couple of years ago

A photo I took in Har Chomah a couple of years ago

Any normal country would be more concerned about condemning the terrorists who murdered its citizens but not the United States Government. It's totally focused on blaming Israel in a classic case of "blaming the victim."

The United States isn't a "normal" country. Its President, Barack Hussein Obama has made it clear that his aim in life is to facilitate the establishment of a Palestinian State in the Land of Israel, in the land that Israel liberated in the 1967 Six Days War.

Phantom Nation: Inventing the 
"Palestinians" as the Obstacle to Peace

Obama is fixated on the lie that there had been a State of Palestine sic which Israel took over/attacked and now occupies. The fact this this has absolutely no historic basis doesn't bother him one iota. Read Sha'i Ben Tekoa'sPhantom Nation: Inventing the "Palestinians" as the Obstacle to Peace.  No doubt that once he's the "former president" he'll join with the unabashedly anti-Israel Jimmy Carter to work with and support the Arab terrorists who are trying to destroy the State of Israel.

Even though I was born in the United States and do have American citizenship and passport, I've lived in Israel since 1970 and do not see myself as an American citizen in terms of having the right to protest directly to the USA government. So I ask those of you who do have active American citizenship, meaning that you live and work and vote in the US, to protest to your Senators and Congressmen and your president about their policy which excuses murder of Jews and condemns building.

And don't forget that Jonathan Pollard is still jailed, thirty years, as the only condemned spy for an ally, while enemy spies have been released.

No justice for Jews in America!