Hamas: "SEND TIRES!"


לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
PERIDOT is an American writer living abroad.

Hamas this week made an urgent appeal to UNRWA: “SEND TIRES!”  The anticipated shipment was not received in time for today’s tire burning festival in Gaza. However, Hamas’ foresight of this calamity has saved the day, it appears, as it had ordered its Arts and Crafts Department earlier in the week to construct the “Ark of the Palestinian Covenant”.  The lightweight, hollow, and portable box draped with an Israeli flag with a big red X over the Star of David is being paraded on a field in Gaza on the shoulders of strong Palestinian men, while they smile at the cameras. Since the tires were not received in time, today’s burning festival will involve flags.

Last Friday, Palestinians burned tens of hundreds of black rubber tires, and as dark thick clouds of smoke violently assaulted the ozone not a single signer of the Paris climate accord called on the Palestinians to exercise restraint in their “non-violent with all the violence” protest.  In all fairness, France’s President Macron was busy applying soothing balm to his skin, and Germany's Chancellor Merkel was preoccupied with organizing “assimilation parties” for Muslim refugees, on how to be good German citizens.

One thing is certain for as long as Hamas rules the Strip, the boxes carried by Palestinians will only get bigger, heavier, and draped with Palestinian flags, especially if Hamas decides to blow smoke up Egypt's nostrils.