The Diplomatic Solution - Again

David Rubin,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
David Rubin
David Rubin is former mayor of Shiloh, Israel. He is founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children"s Fund, and the author of five books, including The Islamic Tsunami and his latest, More Sparks From Zion. For more info, click on these links: or

After a multiple rocket attack was fired in the direction of the city of Ashdod, and fortunately was stopped by the Iron Dome defensive system, MK Haim Yellin (Yesh Atid) is calling on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to take action against the renewed rocket fire from Gaza.  As with most such demands from the Left, he isn’t demanding a strong military response. In fact, Yellin is actually calling for “a diplomatic solution”, Israeli code words for another “peace process”.

With whom is he suggesting that we make peace and on what terms? Of course, he doesn’t specify, since to do so would make him the laughing stock of the Knesset. Let’s examine the two options for peace partners:

Hamas - The Islamic terrorist organization is willing to hold back the rocket fire only if Israel pays ransom, often called financial assistance, which will be used to purchase weapons, to build new weapons/terrorist smuggling tunnels, and to fund other “urgent needs”.

Fatah - Previously led by the father of modern terrorism, Yasser Arafat, Fatah is now headed by noted Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, who has continued and expanded the not-so-diplomatic tradition of placing all terrorists on the payroll of his Palestinian Authority, provided that they accomplish the great deed of killing or wounding Jews.

In short, those Israelis who demand “diplomatic solutions” are either dishonest or ignorant. The only peace process that can work is one that is based on full Israeli sovereignty over the lands currently in its possession, with full civil rights granted only to peaceful residents, with the possibility of citizenship for those who prove themselves worthy.  Those who continue to agitate against the Jewish state have no right to be here and must be deported.

Given that the two prospective partners cited above are not ready to even consider such a peace-enhancing scenario, to speak repeatedly about pie-in-the-sky “diplomatic solutions” is a fool’s paradise at best.  It’s hard to believe that there are Knesset members that still wear rose-colored glasses in light of the Islamic aggression that is trying to kill us all.