No Surprise: Rivlin's Bending Over Leftwards

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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No Surprise: Rivlin's Bending Over Leftwards

Well, it seems that Ruby Rivlin, the Revisionist and Betari from birth, from the most distinguished of true settler families, has joined all the other so called Right politicians and is falling Leftwards from his office as President of the State of Israel.

Rivlin at Gonen Shiva
Mark Neyman (GPO)
Rivlin and the Bereaved Mother: The Story Gets WorsePresident Reuven Rivlin angered the bereaved family of Danny Gonen instead of comforting them when he visited them on their shiva – the seven-day mourning period – and new details have emerged on just how badly the president has apparently handled the situation.
As reported by Arutz Sheva Friday, Assaf Golan, an editor at Makor Rishon, who visited the family, posted on Facebook Thursday night that the bereaved mother, Dvora Gonen, was in a furious emotional state during the shiva, after public officials and senior IDF officers who came to visit her told her that her son is to blame for his death. “Worst of all” was President Rivlin, who said that if Danny Gonen had been carrying a gun, the terror attack would never have happened.... (Arutz 7)

Could it be that Ruby was always a bit soft in his ideology, or unlike the Leftists who preceded him as President, he thinks he has to be a Centrist to be a good national leader? That is my big problem with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. I heard him state equivalently that although he can prove the Right is right, he thinks as Prime Minister he must move to the Left, which he calls Center.

They all base this on the precedent of Menachem Begin who after being elected (yes indirectly as party leader and forming the ruling coalition as is the Israeli system) Prime Minister in 1977, reversed his lifelong ideology/policies and destroyed Jewish towns and villages in order to give the Sinai to Egypt.

I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised that Ruby had the unmitigated gall to blame the victim of Arab terrorism instead of blaming Arab culture and society and that so-called "partner for peace," the P.A.'s  Abbas for supporting terrorists and their families.