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Simon Springer,

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Simon Springer
Simon Springer is from Washington State. Currently, he resides in Far Rockaway, NY with his wife, Danielle, and his daughter, Michal Aviva. He works, learns Torah in Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv, and writes for his blog, His heart yearns to make Aliyah soon, but until then, he finds it important to show Israel in a Positive light. The Diaspora only sees the negative, reactive articles about Israel, not showing the good that they do. His hope is to make Israel an economic powerhouse, dependent on no other country and believes that it is the best way to strengthen Israel....
I often speak about the importance of building, especially in the North. I find that the conditions there are perfect for entire communities to move, en masse,and settle the area in a relatively short amount of time.

With the approval for the construction of 6,000 residential units, and I did say 6,000, the Haredi community in Israel, which is known to have high concentrations of people in very little space, can begin to expand outwards,freeing space up, giving the families room to grow. With a Total Fertility Rate of 8.51 children born to a woman in the Ashkenazi Haredi family and 6.57children born to a woman in the Sephardi Haredi family, it stands to reason that they just need more room.

6,000 units is only the present as well, long term plans call for roughly13,500 residential units to be built and bought by Haredi and Dati- Leumi Jews.The religious make up of this community will be very interesting, but even more than that, it will bring in businesses. Little Ma and Pa shops, bigger chains,business centers (Yes, I know Haredim don't work, blah blah blah. Except they do. Way to continue stupid lies of anti-Religious people. The rate of unemployed Haredim is higher, granted, but a solid majority of Haredim do actually work.)

Let that number sink in for a second. 13,500 residential units. It is beautiful to say and it is beautiful to hear. That being said, it isn't enough. As I was speaking to many of the wonderful fundraisers in Israel, someone who works on buying land in Israel so the PA land grab is effectively stopped, he mentioned to me that when he returns from a fundraising trip in America, he has enough to purchase 45 dunam, usually. Within the time he has gone, however, an Arab landowner has bought several hundred dunam.

This is no joke. I have mentioned in a previous article that the Aliyah rates are have been plummeting since 2000. With the Aliyah rates low, the major influxes of Olim into Israel will not be enough to slow the PA plans of domination in Israel. For Israel to retain sovereignty over its land, it MUST provide its citizens the tools to develop the land to strengthen Israel. Easier zoning laws, easier permit issuing, tax abatements and other things to help developers build housing for lower costs in these under developed parts of Israel. At the same time, bringing down taxes, helping businesses keep some of their money in Israel, reusing it within the local communities, helps build the wealth and the strength of the communities and the regions.

I have an interesting idea, however, to help jump start development. Drop the Ego! Many charities don't mix with each other. They don't work together because everyone is trying to get the same donors and the same money. If they worked together, or better yet, combined forces, that would be double/triple the money and could do some serious work. Until then, I think I'd like to form a charity that develops the underdeveloped land in Israel. Then, whatever rent and profit from the developments comes, reinvest it into building more residential and commercial units for Israelis. Who knows? Maybe we wont be seeing anymore caravans in Israel, but beautiful homes, filled with beautiful Jewish families,living in the Jewish Homeland.

One can dream...