Social Media, Facebook and Security Breaches

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Ignorance and foolishness should never be accepted legal excuses
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Rosh Chodesh Nissan ראש חודש ניסן

Tuesday March 16, 2010 יום ג' 16-3


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Social Media, Facebook and Security Breaches

I hope that the IDF soldier who posted military plans on his facebook page is jailed and held incommunicado for a long time.

 The punishment for such internet social media security breaches should be so severe as to make it clear to all soldiers and their families and friends that even stupidity is sedition.

That would include girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, siblings and cousins reporting plans and schedules of IDF soldiers.  Ignorance and foolishness should never be accepted legal excuses.

 It's not that Israel is a country at war, it's that Israel is a country under attack every minute, every second of the day.  We have enemies who want to destroy us, all of us Right, Left and Center, young and old.  It doesn't matter if we live in Tel Aviv or Tel Zion, Raanana or Revava.

That's the lesson of Purim and Shabbat Zachor!