It's Happening Again

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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Shocking video, yup, those who said it couldn't happen again, well, it's happening again.

I received this in an email today even though this took place some months ago already.

"In a Paris supermarket . CARREFOUR  50 Moslems are entering the supermarket, taking off the shelves all the produce, cosmetics and clothing imported from Israel, destroy these and calling for a  moratorium on all Israeli products.

The French police does not interfere, the supermarket managers are afraid to approach and the customers are in shock, but do nothing. This criminal, hate-spewing group is a grim reminder of how the destruction of 6 million Jews started in Europe 68 years ago.

As we sit idly by, are we to witness a re-enactment of the HOLOCAUST?

Watch this unfolding and please pass it on."

Watching this video, I was actually quite impressed about how many products we sell to France and other European countries.  Tomatoes and flowers I knew about, but shampoos diaper wipes, etc. etc. ??  WOW, we are such an amzing little country of only about 7million people.  There are several cities across the world with more people living in them!

But what I also gleaned from watching this video was the eerie similairy of the Nazis writing 'JUDE' (JEW) on store windows of Jewish owned stores so 'pure' Germans wouldn't shop there. 

The French video above sure looks like the beginning of pre-holocaust Germany.

Here are some of the comments left at youtube under the video:

"...A while back I saw another video where such an action group ran out of the supermarket with all the products and smashed them all on the floor..police arrived and arrested them."

"if you're serious about the boycott you must include the following which was invented and manufactured in Israel, panthium chip of your computers, wireless chips that makes it possible to use cellphones, that are few chips that were made in Israel inside your cell phone. boycott those! water purification, let's get serious and do it RIGHT. Stop using computers &cell phone, so Israel will get the message WE WILL NOT USE THEIR PRODUCTS! Let's go all the way! Let's not be hypocrites about it!!"

"I feel sorry for these people with plenty of hate in their heart and no love in their soul... if they really love the palestinians as they claim they do - let them fight Hamas that is turturing it's own people and who has caused Gaza disaster...As you know Israel left Gaza in 2006 and what did they got - pure terror..."

And my favorite comment there was something akin to: "I'd boyoctt Palestinian products, the only thing is, there aren't any!"

Watch this video below:

So where now is the future of the Jewish People?  It is not in Brooklyn, Boca Raton, Golders Green, or Melbourne.  It is definitely not in Paris or Los Angeles.  The future of the Jewish people is HERE, in ISRAEL.  This is where our past is, this is where JEWISH Kings ruled and are burried, this is where our history is, and THIS is the land that G-d gave to us as our HOME.  There is no future for the Jews in the Exile any longer.  Soon, the economy will get much worse, not better.  G-d wants us to come home, and he wants Mankind to turn to Him, not Materialism.  And if the Jews don't come home on their own, now, while they still have a chance to come with dignity adn whatever blessings they have at this time -not in 5 years time or 'when the economy gets better', then they will either be vomited out, or suffer whatever accounting their host country will suffer (G-d forbid) and I am not happy to see people suffer.

My brothers and sisters, you are so precious!  You have precious little darling children.  Don't be a slave to your job and your financial portfolio.  Come home and LIVE in Israel.  What other signs do you need to read the meter of anti-semitism and to know it is time to leave Exile and come home?  Are the news headlines not enough?  Are the arrests of and anger at high profile Jews not enough?  Is the financial collapse not enough?  What other sign do you need? 

Maybe you are waiting for a telegram from HaShem (G-d) saying,

"It's time to come home. --stop-- Go to --stop-- Get a real estate agent to sell your house, then go to Israel and receive your check for whatever you get, in the mail. --stop--  This is your last warning before events may turn and make it almost impossible to get your kinderlach (children) and yourselves out before it is too late, and you join the fate of the nations, or worse."


Folks, open your eyes.  The Exile has come to an end.  The future of the Jewish People is in Israel.  We are waiting for you.  Maybe these haters in your friendly host country haven't reached your front door ...yet.  But why wait?  It's happening again!