The Kalkilya Plan: "Severe Discrimination". Vote NO

Susie Dym,

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Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.


    THE KALKILYA PLAN: Severe Discrimination

    Israeli authorization for tens of thousands of Palestinian buildings -- in Israeli Area C – has been demanded by US Emissary Jason Greenblatt, in a manner which constitutes “severe discrimination against the needs of Israeli settlement in Judea and Samaria” -- according to a knowledgeable Israeli minister. 


.The Palestinian buildings are to be approved 50 yards/meters  from the security barrier, allowing terrorists to easily shoot over the wall at Israelis or build terror tunnels   

    The Kalkilya plan demanded by Jason Greenblatt would double the area and population of Kalkilya – 10 miles from Tel-Aviv -- to 60,000 residents. This,  Israel’s leading TV Channel, Channel 2, reported, is “seven times what all Jewish towns received” in Area C. All this is in addition to massive Palestinian building in Jew-free Palestinian Areas A and B, as Minister Miri Regev pointed out yesterday, as well as
    in the Jew-free Palestinian state of Jordan and
    in the 20-plus  Arab countries at the disposal of the Arab nation, the nation to which all Palestinians belong.
    Until recently, the dangerous and discriminatory Kalkilya plan was hardly publicized for fear of enfuriating the Israeli public.
    After all, the Kalkilya plan transfers Israeli land to Palestinians, probably never to return. 
    But in the last few days, enraged Israeli ministers have taken to the media.    Senior Israeli public figures, including powerful Likud ministers Regev and Katz, have publicly demanded that the discriminatory Kalkilya plan be cancelled. Even Prime Minister Netanyahu has agreed that another vote on the dangerous Kalkilya plan must be held.     THE NEW VOTE CAN BE AT ANY TIME, without prior notice. So, PLEASE CONTACT ISRAEL’S CABINET MEMBERS NOW. 
    What is particularly important is that friends of Israel abroad MUST urge Israeli ministers to stand up against pressure applied by US Emissary Jason Greenblatt (and Europe, and Saudi Arabia, and Democratic Senators, and...); emphasize that YOUR support of Israel will continue even if (especially if) the Israeli ministers vote Israel's interest (vote  NO), as they should.
Example email:

Dear Israel Cabinet Members and colleagues,

Vote NO to Kalkilya plan discriminating against Israel
Thanks to senior ministers Regev and Katz, Deputy Foreign and Defense Ministers Hotovely and Ben-Dahan, and MK’s Kisch, Yogev and Smotrich, for sounding the warning bells to the public, about the Kalkilya plan which, sadly, is being promoted by US Emissary Jason Greenblatt.

Please vote NO! Give the building permits for Area C to Israeli families, who unlike Arab families have nowhere else to build!

Any plan to permit Israeli AND Palestinian building in Area C is also unacceptable – unless Israelis get building permits in currently Jew-free Area A, Jordan (the Palestinian state)  and Saudi Arabia!


EMAIL ADDRESSES: ISRAELI CABINET & JUNIOR COLLEAGUES: כתובות: חברי קבינט ואחרים;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,;

Thanks for your support and personal courage.

This is Susie Dym, spokesperson for Mattot Arim, an Israeli NGO, writing to you from Israel.