The NRP/JH 's Hershkowitz Got It All Wrong!

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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The NRP/JH 's Hershkowitz Got It All Wrong!

He's mixing up the "uniform" with politics.  We Dati Le'umi (religious-nationalist) Jews are not of his political ilk.  Hershkowiz hasn't a clue.  There's nothing to unite us NU Ichud Leumi voters with his Bayit Leumi (Jewish Home/National Religious) Party.

Religion isn't my politics.  There's lots more to the NU than religion and dati leumi supporters.  That's why I'm turned off by what Hershkowitz wrote as the "subject" of the letter:

"Re: Political Unification of Religious Zionism"

Emphasis mine.  I've never supported an Israeli political party which is based on religion and marketed as exclusively religious or non-religious.  I'm totally against such a thing in prinicple.  I only vote for parties which understand the importance of a united Am Yisrael, People of Israel for Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel.  That's the unification I look for.  I also disagree with those in Hatikvah which think it should be the secular version of the NRP.

Eretz Yisrael and Jewish Nationalism should unite us.  It troubles me that the dati le'umi establishment is so knee-jerk against it.

There are quite a few Israelis who agree with me on this but see the Likud as the best political tool/party to unite Israelis.  That may sound good in theory, but no party has destroyed more Jewish homes and communities in the Land of Israel than the Likud.  Moshe Feiglin's premise that he can take over the Likud and make it truly nationalist party is mistaken.  The Likud leadership is entrenched in its power-hungry Center-Leftist ideology.  Principles and loyalty to the Land of Israel are very low in its list of priorities.

 The polls show that Hershkowitz's party is sinking and may not even get into the next Knesset.  That's why he's asking Ketzeleh to join him.  I suggest that Hershkowitz return to his university career and admit that his beloved NRP is finished.  The voters reject it and for good reason.