Hate Me, But Fear Me.

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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We've had enough.  Really, how much longer to do we have to wait until our leaders grow a spine?  How much longer are we going to suffer political sell-outs that put their bank account interests above their responsibilities to serve their nation as they were elected to do? (see article on MK Ben Eliezer 'reportedly' getting $25,000 a month from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for being an 'adviser' to him.  If true, I wonder how THAT affected his votes in the cabinet when it came to issues on Egypt.)  In another news report, Former Southern Command Chief of the IDF, Yoav Galant, stated recently that if Tel Aviv were attacked by missiles, that Israel's reaction would be different.  Why?  The reason, he states, is that Sderot has only about 2,000 voters, whereas Tel Aviv has around a million.  Politics.

The fact is, the nation is getting wiser - and sicker, of the situation and those who are making decisions in the government about our security, our economy and our future.  It's impossible to live in a situation where a good portion of the population is under fire and in a war which reaches its own neighborhoods.  No school, no gatherings of over a few hundred people - which often means cancellations of weddings, celebrations, concerts, ballets, shows, etc...  the loss of investment in these events including ticket sales, loss of days at schools, institutions, shopping centers, all hit the public hard in the pocket book and cripple the economy. Companies & businesses can go broke investing in an event that ultimately gets canceled. But that's just on a  small scale.  

The cost to the state for each 'Iron Dome' anti-missile launch is believed to cost up to $75,000 a shot.  This last barrage of 200-300 missiles on our southern cities could have cost us up to $15,000,000 (minus the times we did not use it because the missiles slammed into empty areas where the Iron Dome was not used.)  But even if we COULD afford to keep the Iron Dome launchers supplied and make up the for the loss, the Iron Dome is not infallible.  And it certainly cannot be as effective as it has been if our enemies decided to launch several missiles at a time.  

Up until now only a few missiles at a time have been launched  against us. The Iron Dome CAN cope with amounts like these and it has been VERY successful -though it has had failures and enemy missiles found their targets.  But if the enemy was to launch thirty, forty or more at a time, how would the government be able to protect our skies?  How would we be able to ward off the amount of missiles being launched at us at such a volume?  What is the amount of deaths the government has deemed as an 'acceptable loss' before it finally gets out of 'defensive mode' and goes on the offense?(And I am not talking about limited targeted hits on Gaza.) 

As all military people know, a war cannot be won fought 'defensively'.  A war can only be won when one goes on the offensive.  When then will the government decide to finish off this enemy threat once and for all and crush the terrorists and drive their supporters out of our midst?

Israel is a world major military force. It is widely believed that we have nuclear capability.  It's time we stopped sitting in the corner begging the world for breadcrumbs.  We need to take our seat at the table.  Why should non-nations like the PLO and Hamas Arabs in the P.A. make demands of us?  Why should a member state of the U.N. (Iran) be able to get away with threatening the annihilation of another U.N. state (Israel)?  Why should we continue to suffer terror attacks after we already signed Oslo where Arafat's only obligation was to put an end to terror and violence?  Why is this conflict still going on where Israel is always absorbing the blows, while making the concessions?

We are strong.  We have the military 'ruby red slippers'.  We have G-d Almighty behind us.  Yes, I used the name G-d, and we should not be embarrassed to do so or remind our nation about G-d.  Our enemies use the name of Allah in every speech they give.  Why don't our leaders mention G-d?  

It's time to start acting with a strong hand.  If any entity tries to harm us, we need to hit them hard, decisively, and crush them so they will never be able to raise their hands against our people again. 'Hate me, but fear me' needs to be our motto.  Enough trying to show the world how good and moral we are.  Enough trying to explain to the world that we are a good people and only want peace with our neighbors and that we do so much for it and yet we are still abused and looked at as Goliath. It's time we stop chasing after the world's love, or even the world's recognition. The world cares more about their oil and full gas tanks than they do about Jewish lives. 

Hit strong.  Hit hard.  Hit decisively. One or two serious and decisive  military operations fought to the finish,  will already set a firm deterrent factor that will eliminate the need to have to fight further. Make our enemies quiver, make their knees shake when they hear the name 'Israel'.  Make them fear to even THINK about terrorizing us or hurting our people. Destroy those that come to destroy us.  Eat them for lunch before they eat us for dinner.  As former U.S. President Reagan once quipped, "Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong".  

If we really want to see peace, Israel should also start telling the world, "Hate me, but fear me".