Duped by Fear - The Demand to Divide Jerusalem

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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It was bound to come about.  The dream of Bush, Olmert and all the others in the International Community who want to see Jerusalem divided.  This could be their dream come true. Get the people to beg for dividing the city.

First off, I want to state here that I am a person who likes facts.  I have heard different conspiracy theories for many years, but I never believed them unless I saw proof.  I like proof.  I don't like to BELIEVE people.  I am a Jew who is part Litvak and I need logic and facts. My family is made up of academics (my father and two brothers all hold PhDs in the sciences) and I too was brought up to examine things rationally.  However being the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, and hearing my father's stories of Jabotinsky coming and trying to warn the Jews to get out, but no one would listen, with people calling Jabotinsky an alarmist and conspiracy nut, I have learned to listen.  Yes, I listen.  That doesn't mean that I accept everything.  If it sounds logical, then I want to see facts to back it up.  However, sometimes a first step is an inclination, a gut feeling.  This inclination then follows by asking questions, doing intensive research and gathering indisputable facts. 

I have NO facts for what I want you all to churn around in your heads.  I am stating this now.  NO FACTS.  However, I would like you to consider these interesting details below and keep it in mind for the future....

1) Does it not make you wonder that after a long quiet of major terror attacks in Jerusalem, almost all carried out by Arabs from Judea and Samaria, that all of a sudden an attack is made on the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem (western part) and was perpetrated by an Arab that lives in  the 'eastern' part of Jerusalem?  This Arab could have struck at Jewish targets much closer to their own neighborhood, yet they went to the Western entrance of the city to carry out the attack.

2) Several weeks later, another terror attack in Jerusalem (July 2, 2008), again by an Arab from the 'eastern' part of the city, carried out in the 'western' part of the city.

3) The two terrorists who perpetrated these attacks were related. It would be interesting to find out if these two related men had anything on them (by intelligence agencies ?)  to get them to make these attacks and stir up trouble, bringing the western/eastern topic to the forefront.

4) The following day of the attack, headlines are splashed across papers stating that the people want a separation between eastern and western Jerusalem - for their safety.

Vice Premier: Parts of East Jerusalem should be severed from capital
Olmert: No Fencing-Off Eastern Jerusalem
Ramon: Terrorist's Neighborhood Shouldn't Be in J'lem
Another attack from 'within'

I believe that this 'debate' will now be seen in news stories more and more, coming from a population that is being duped into believing that it is best for their security and safety, sending them into a whirlwind of fear if they DON'T separate from the eastern part of the Holy City.

How convenient for those who wish to see a divided Jerusalem. 

Intimidate the public, instill in them fear, and get the people to BEG for the city to be divided.

If anyone hasn't seen the fictional movie called V for Vendetta, they should go and rent it.  One of my favorite lines from the film was, "People shouldn't be afraid of their Governments.  Governments should be afraid of their People."

And that's the way the ball bounces.  What great psychology to use against a population IF this is true.  I suggest we keep our eye on the ball and see what transpires.  Somehow, I can't help thinking this could be all too convenient for those who want Jerusalem divided.  Now, I'd like to see facts, one way or another, to answer this question.