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Tamar Yonah ,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Tamar Yonah
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Many of you have been wondering why I have not posted in the last 3 weeks.  I have 'burn out'.  I haven't taken a real vacation in years, and well, I am just kaput. It's day in, day out, and I need to re-charge my batteries.  I know this, because the world is spiraling to disaster, and frankly, I just don't really care at the moment.  Yawn.  For those of you who do care, and I hope I will care soon when I get my wits about me again, here is a post I received from a rabbi who works with Binyamin Golden, an autistic young man whom many believe can communicate through FC (facilitated communication). I am posting the message below here, you can agree or disagree.  Heck, I agree, and disagree.  In any case, I will be interviewing Rabbi Sachs who is helping to disseminate Golden's 'peak into the other world', on my show this Sunday.  Enjoy, or put your head between your legs and kiss your tuchus goodbye.  For me, unless I get some quiet forest or beach time for myself to re-charge, well, I hardly care at all.  So I will be toast soon.  So what.  I'm tired.



I want to speak to my beloved nation, Am Yisrael. Everyone can see the growing dangers, especially in regard to Jews people, although the whole world is now in danger. Nature is in a bad state and the climate has had drastic changes recently. There have also been large-scale natural disasters, frightening events such as the melting ice in the North and South poles and a large part of the world is in danger of terrible drought. The world is heading for a Third World War, which precedes the final war of the world – Gog Umagog [See Yechezkel 38]. In that war two-thirds of the world will disappear , may Hashem have mercy. This is why the whole world is now feeling fear, both goyim and Jews alike. Everyone is beginning to finally see the truth. The financial situation, which is worsening with time, is also putting everyone in a state of fear. People are starting to realize that all the formulas, all the various institutions throughout the world that they were once able to rely upon as a source of income are suddenly falling apart.

One by one, everything that people used to rely upon economically has started falling [banks, insurance, etc.]. This will continue until at last there will be no other source of sustenance other than our Father in Heaven. And now the Jews are hated throughout the world. Anti Semitism is continuously rising in many countries and a lot of Jews are afraid to look like Jews. There are countries where the anti-Semitism is openly flaunted. Yet, with all the troubles that the world is experiencing, there are still Jews who think they will regain their precious American dream; a world of restaurants, entertainment, shopping malls, vacations, Pesach in the Alps or Pesach by the Pyramids, or Pesach at the Dead Sea, and so on. Back then the money was flowing and almost every Jew in the Western world was living a relatively high-class lifestyle. Even the ‘poor’ people could eat out and own cars. However now that everything is falling apart, we, Jews and Goyim, are in a situation where the poor people are really poor and barely managing to make ends meet and fill their basic needs. Even the wealthy people are afraid to spend their money. In any case, as we have said before, soon their money will be worthless.

This whole situation is happening because Hashem wants to bring us all, the Jews in particular but also the gentiles, to the recognition that there is none other to rely upon aside from our Father in Heaven, because everything in the world is from Hakadosh Baruch Hu . This is the main point of the message Hashem wants to give over to Am Yisrael and to the entire world. This is why Hakadosh Baruch Hu [G-d] is bringing us to a situation where we will have to directly ask Him for every single thing we need and He will give it to us directly. The world is completing its final rectifications and it is no simple matter. We have been in the world for thousands of years, from the time of Adam and Chava until now, and unfortunately the world has progressed very little. Adam and Chava’s first sins were the same sins which still cause us the most problems today: lashon hara [slander] and lack of modesty. The fall of mankind on the sixth day of creation was because of these two sins. The snake told Chava lashon Hara about Hakadosh Baruch Hu, may Hashem have mercy. Then he convinced her that she could supposedly be like Hashem if she would just eat from the fruit of the tree. Then all she had to do was convince her husband to do the same.

But what was the snake’s real objective? He wanted her; he simply wanted Chava for himself. Those two sins, the lack of modest behavior and not guarding one’s tongue are still causing us problems today. What causes these sins? Pride, and the desire to fulfill our passions; in other words, the “olam hazeh” [materialism, the vanities of this world]. Not the spiritual world, rather the materialistic world. The root of all our problems is the Golden Calf. Many times throughout history were we given the chance to rectify our sins and we did not. Now is our last opportunity to rectify those two central sins and many other secondary sins. However in order to accomplish this, we must separate ourselves from olam hazeh, from the Golden Calf.

There is another big problem caused by the Golden Calf and that is dispute [quarreling]. Lately, our people have been suffering greatly due to machlokes [arguments, quarreling]. With all the shmiras halashon that people are learning, machlokes is working over time between the various Jewish communities and sectors; between Sefaradim and Ashkenazim, etc. and even amongst the various Chassidic communities and the various Litvish communities. The situation is terrible and we have reached a point where shalom [peace] is rare to find. Moreover, due to all the gashmius, some groups are afraid that other groups will deprive them of their parnassah and that is a most horrific situation. All the Jews, secular and religious [and the non-Jews even more], suffer from too much lashon hara and disputes. Dispute, dispute and more disputes - and everything is supposedly leShem Shamayim [for the Sake of Heaven]. Yet in reality almost none of this is really leShem Shamayim. Even though the people involved support their actions protesting “spiritual causes”, usually everything is really about money, prestige, etc. All these disputes going on between the various Jewish groups are truly heartbreaking; even amongst different Chassidusses, within yeshivas etc.; terrible, just terrible.

Another problem with this generation is that much of our Torah learning is based upon olam hazeh and not leShem Shamayim. That is why Hakadosh Baruch Hu is destroying the Egel Hazahav [Golden Calf] and all the money flowing into the Yeshivas. This will reveal who is really acting leShem Shamayim. Who indeed will sit and learn Torah in the Yeshiva even if it means he must now go and get a job? Who will take a Gemara with him to sit and learn with even though he has no Kollel paying him to learn, or a wife who works in an office together with men and wears a long ‘custom’ wig and tight clothes, making good money to pay for his learning? However, the learning of such a person is not worth very much. Not only is it not worth much, but also the prosecuting angels in Heaven are using this against him and against all of Am Yisrael. However Hashem is now going to reveal to everyone who is really learning leShem Shamayim.

All of the gashmius in our lives causes the Jew to go away from Hakadosh Baruch Hu. And the more modern Jews - which really means that they are less careful about keeping the mitzvos properly - in most cases these Jews are farther from Hashem and closer to the Egel Hazahav. Not only are they going away from Hakadosh Baruch Hu, they are actually creating their own version of Yiddishkeit - just as the Jews did in the desert. They created a Golden Calf and thought that by doing so they were being loyal to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Thus we have created a new version of Yiddishkeit – as the Jews created the Golden Calf in the desert. And we are praying to it [our “Golden Calf”] and think that we are really praying to Hashem. This is what is going on and even good Jews are becoming confused between what is right and what is wrong, between sheker and emes. This is the state of Yiddishkeit today. It is the “Yiddishkeit” of America, England, Europe and all over the world. But this is not true Yiddishkeit. In America, the so-called “Yiddishkeit” is mainly based upon the pleasures of the olam hazeh, on materialistic convenience. Even though there is a lot of chessed as well, unfortunately a lot of the chessed is based upon business and profits.

The Americans usually want the “good” and easy life and to have fun all day long. The same generally applies to Europe. However, I am speaking only of the Charedi Jews because the rest of the Jews don’t even come close to the emes [truth], and in most cases the truth is of no interest to them. The Charedim in Europe are considered to be more conservative with their lifestyles yet over the last few years the gashmius has begun to overflow there as well and is pulling a lot of the Charedim to the Egel Hazahav. They too are enjoying all the gashmius like the Charedi Jews in America. In each country it takes on a different shape but in the end it is still the Egel Hazahav and it is destroying every thing spiritual in life. Am Yisrael, we are right before The End. You want eternal life? Then you must throw away every connection to the olam hazeh. The only way to do that is to accept with humility the Yoke of Heaven. This is the final tikkun [rectification] for this generation.

Whoever does not complete this tikkun, chas veshalom, whoever does not lower his head and accept everything we are given form Hakadosh Baruch Hu, every blow, every difficult thing He gives us, without question, and does not cry out to Heaven: “Hashem is the Lord, Hashem is the lord, Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem echad” will disappear from this world - as well as from the Olam Haba, lo aleinu. Whoever does say this with all of his heart and truly accepts the Yoke of Heaven, he will gain eternal life [olam haba] and greet Moshiach Tzidkanu, bezras Hashem. Whoever does not – there is no hope for him. Hashem himself will obliterate all of the evildoers from this world and from the World To Come, lo alenu, just as He did in Egypt during the three days of darkness. Decide what you want!