Earth Quakes & War with Iran and Its Proxies?

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Why is Iran digging 320,000 graves?
One thing leads to another. It's after Shabbat, and I am searching the news about the earth quakes that were felt yesterday (Friday) in Israel. Israeli residents of the north said that their homes were shaking, things were falling off their shelves, and their beds were moving.  It was generally scary for a country that doesn't experience many earth quakes.  

I look for more information and find that the earth quake's epicenter hit the eastern Mediterranean sea, about 12 miles east of Tyre, Lebanon, but was felt in Northern Israel at a 4.2 magnitude. This took place just after 2pm Friday afternoon.  Another earth quake was felt Friday evening again in northern Israel registering at a 3.5 magnitude.   Thank G-d, no injuries were reported.  All in all, The Geophysical Institute of Israel (GII) confirmed that at least TEN earth quakes took place yesterday in southern Lebanon. 

Prepare for Mass Casualties

Now, what makes this news story even more interesting - and disturbing - is that under a year ago, Israel's northern hospitals were put on high alert and were told to *expect a coming major earth quake soon, with the expectation of possible mass civilian casualties. Israel's Health Ministry sent out a notice to Israel's northern hospitals to prepare and be ready for possible mass casualties of Israel's northern residents.   (* This report is from about 9 months ago when Israel was also hoping to get permission from America to attack Iran.  At that time, it was reported that it was not a matter of IF, but WHEN.)

Iran Digging 320,000 Graves 

I then read on Iran's Press TV news website, that Iran is digging over a quarter of a million graves on its soil, ostensibly, because  Iran is expecting a military invasion and an attack on it's nuclear facilities. The report came out almost the same day that Israel sent its letter to hospitals in the north to be ready for mass casualties.  It states:                                                                                      "A senior Iranian commander says the country is digging some '320,000 graves' in its bordering provinces for future slain invaders. Brigadier General Mir-Faisal Baqerzadeh, the Head of the Foundation for the Remembrance of the Holy Defense, said Sunday that the decision had been approved by Iran's Armed Forces Headquarters. "We will dig 15,000 to 20,000 graves in each of the border provinces," he said. "We do not wish the families of enemy soldiers to experience what Americans had to go through in the aftermath of the Vietnam War," added Brig. Gen. Baqerzadeh, who is also the head of the search committee for missing soldiers. The commander said the preemptive measures would decrease the time slain soldiers would be 'missing in action'." 

Iranian Nuclear Production/Installments - The full map is located here.

All in all, the number of graves they are digging comes to approx. 320,000 graves – for their enemies, they say.  
Now, the questions that need to be asked are:

1) Why is Israel preparing for mass casualties in northern Israel?

a) It could be exactly what we are reading, that we are expecting a major earth quake which could be very serious. Or…

b) Israel may be planning on attacking the Iranian nuclear facilities in the near future and is preparing for a massive missile attack in response, from Iran's proxy in the north, the Hezbollah and possible other terror groups. 

2)  Why is Iran digging 320,000 graves?

a)  It could be that they are expecting 320,000  enemy soldiers to come in and invade Iran and attempt to attack it's nuclear facilities.  They plan to kill all of these soldiers, and then bury them – out of humanitarian concern - as they claim.  Or…

b)  It could be that they are really expecting some type of aerial attack, whether by fighter jets or by long range missiles onto their nuclear facilities, and they really are expecting to bury their OWN soon to be dead Iranian people who are working and residing in the area. 

I would imagine that there would be a lot of massive damage and dirty radiation leaks after an attack on a nuclear site, and Iran would need to bury, not burn, any bodies that lingered there as soon as they would be able to approach the area. 

Now again, being careful about keeping speculation, speculation, as I have no personal proof, I believe a connection between these two news stories would be a possibility to consider. 

Let's try to examine why Iran, a Moslem regime which sponsors terrorism and courts fascist leaders like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, is so concerned about the humanitarian needs of its enemies.  Why would they be so 'thoughtful' to worry about enemy infidels and bother to dig 320, 000 graves for those they hate.  They could easily burn their bodies or just make much quicker mass grave sites. 

Let's also think WHO would be sending in so many enemy soldiers to invade Iran?  Not Israel.  Our standing army is less than 200,000 men and women and I don't think that the US has that many troops in Iraq to invade Iran and still retain control in Iraq.  So unless Russia is planning on marching in and attacking Iran's nuclear facilities, which seems unlikely since Russia and Iran do business together and the two signed an agreement for Moscow to supply fuel to Iran's nuclear reactor, I doubt very much there will be ANY military invasion on Iran. 

One more point, how did Iran even come to the number of 320,000?  There aren't enough 'enemy' troops from the USA or Israel to support such a number, yet this is the number they estimate and get approval for?   

America does not have 320,000 troops in Iraq to invade Iran. Israel does not have enough troops nor the ability to march any troops through hostile Jew-hating countries like Jordan, Syria, Turkey or Iraq to get to Iran.  So if this is the case, and Iran really expects an aerial attack, then reason tells us that these graves will be for the people working and living in these nuclear facility communities.

Only time will tell.