New Israel Fund presses the panic button!

Susie Dym,

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Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.

The Forward, which some call the American Haaretz, recently blared, in a panic, that “Netanyahu provided no evidence for his claim that the New Israel Fund was behind the pressure on Rwanda” and added that “The New Israel Fund adamantly denies that it played any role in pressuring Rwanda or any country into not accepting the migrants“. The Forward story was penned by Ron Kampeas of JTA (“Why Netanyahu Is Blaming The New Israel Fund For Israel’s Migrant Crisis,” Ron Kampeas, April 5, 2018).

indeed, Netanyahu posted that the main force pressuring Rwanda has been the New Israel Fund.

That pressure has been (at least) via obliging members of the international media. The Forward-JTA story said that responsive to the Israeli government policy regarding migrants from Eritrea and Sudan, petitions  from various groups of Israelis “poured in”. In practice, an NYT story relating to this purported outcry from Israelis supposedly “pouring in”, cited only:

    a group of “about two dozen” (!) Israelis who gathered to hear the story of an Eritrean slated to be deported, plus 

    a  letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu signed by 36 (!) Holocaust survivors.


Other sources reported that “thirty-five” ex-Israeli diplomats penned  a letter to Netanyahu.


The only initiative of any size cited by the NYT  was this one:  a “letter signed by 850 Jewish clergy and delivered to Israeli embassies and consulates in the United States and Canada“. And this letter was openly organized by the NIF and bore the NIF logo; see:

So even relying on liberal sources, it seems as though Mr Netanyahu was right – the main element generating public pressure to ditch the Rwanda deal, other than some small Israeli groups, was the New Israel Fund.

The public pressure generated by a New York Times article making the NIF pitch is tremendous. And the NIF also got their petition into RT, for example: Where does RT get read? “In November 2015 Ipsos, a leading audience research firm, surveyed TV news consumption in 38 countries of the more than 100 where RT broadcasts, and found that 70 million people watch RT channels every week. 35 million watch RT daily. RT enjoys its largest regional audience in Europe, with more than 36 million people watching RT weekly in 10 European countries, placing it among the top five pan-regional news channels.” That’s the NIF whipping up public opinion in Europe against both Israel and (for cooperating with Israel) Rwanda, for you.

Yet Daniel Sokatch, the New Israel Fund’s CEO, railed, in the Forward,  against Netanyahu for accusing the NIF of being, effectively, troublemakers. What is amusing is that, reading between the lines, Sokatch himself confirmed exactly what Netanyahu was trying to demonstrate, to the JTA-Forward. Sokatch himself said that “... [T]here was a protest outside [Rwanda’s] embassy in Tel Aviv” which he said the New Israel Fund  did not “organize”. The New Israel Fund’s CEO did however admit that “individual staffers” (people who do not need to have an ordinary job because their salaries are paid by the leftwing organization that they staff) might have “attended” the demonstration. May we assume that these professional agitators did not have their hands folded when they “attended” this “authentic street protest”??

New Israel Fund’s CEO also, in the same interview with the JTA-Forward, noted that the NIF does fund leftwing groups operating in Israel such as ACRI - the Association for Civil Rights. According to the Jewish Press, citing NGO Monitor, the New Israel Fund’s funding to ACRI is indeed most substantial, having authorized grants worth over 7 million dollars to ACRI. But NIF’s Sokatch insisted that ACRI advocated on behalf of the migrants“to Israelis and within the Israeli system” -- not to foreign governments.

in fact, the ACRI websites divulges otherwise, sporting a November 28, 2017  Letter to Rwanda divulged by the Jewish Press (this tiny-budgeted publication found what the NYT did not find or want to find).  Addressed to Rwanda’s President Kagame, the NIF-funded ACRI letter demanded from Rwanda: Do not accept African “Refugees” (sic)! The letter was signed by leading ”Israeli“ human rights  organizations -- including the Association for Civil Rights in Israel and was published in The Rwandan:



The NIF follows the teachings of Alinsky, whose bible appears in this NIF website: The NIF let the cat out of the bag in the Forward interview in this respect as well. Revealed for all to read was the fact that the NIF donor list in the New Israel Fund 2016 yearbook reveals ...a donation of at least $100,000 from the Open Society Foundation led by George Soros. JTA-Forward reported that “Soros’ group funded American training for Israeli civil rights lawyers” but this funding “was wrapped up last year after decades”. Why? Because, Sokatch himself told the Forward, Israel’s civil rights law community has “advanced enough”  that its lawyers “no longer need foreign training”. The Trojan horse has already been injected into Israel’s legal system and now the NIF can wash its hands!  But Israelis understand these tactics, and they are not willing to allow the NIF to wash its hands after having introduced such a dangerous virus which is still paralyzing our legal system in several important senses.

There is nothing the NIF hates more than being publicly exposed as troublemakers. This is why the NIF is furious when accused by being foreign-government-funded. Yet their own people admit (see the Forward coverage) that “Groups that NIF funds ...accept funding ... from foreign governments. These groups, including B’tselem... and Breaking the Silence....say they would not be able to exist without the assistance provided by foreign governments”. So the octopus is not foreign- funded – its tentacles are.  Martin Indyk tweeted harsh criticism of PM Netanyahu’s post regarding the NIF and added,  “Surely Israelis are smarter than to believe such hogwash”. Yes indeed Mr. Indyk. We Israelis have long ago proved we are smarter than to believe the hogwash the NIF is disseminating via sympathetic media, about PM Netanyahu’s characterizations not being true. We are also smarter than to necessarily believe most of what Mr. Indyk says, and the same goes for the Forward. Read “Forward march the lies”, here: /Blogs/Message.aspx/10320.

If any inaccuracies have crept in to this blog post, the Forward, NIF, JTA or Mr Indyk, or any reader, is more than welcome to contact me at sddym, at, Unlike the “professional” Israel-bashing media, I am genuinely delighted to correct any errors of fact.