Netanyahu: 'B'Tselem's behavior is a disgrace'

Citizens and MKs alike outraged after leftist NGO B'Tselem attacks Jewish State at the UN.Tzvi Lev, Yesterday, 9:23 PM

Gay US student sues Jerusalem pizzeria for refusing to serve him

Gay American student learning at Reform college in Israel sues Jerusalem pizzeria which refused to serve him over his orientation.Marcy Oster, JTA, Yesterday, 9:10 PM

'Suddenly, I heard a boom'

Beer Sheva women recounts dramatic moments running to the bomb shelter before Hamas missile destroyed her home on Tuesday.Tzvi Lev, Yesterday, 9:04 PM

Bill to bypass Chief Rabbinate for marriages

MK Aliza Lavie presents bill to end criminal penalties for marrying outside the Chief Rabbinate.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 8:08 PM

Supreme Court nixes deportation of anti-Israel activist Alqasem

Former branch president of pro-BDS student group will be allowed to remain in Israel, study at Hebrew University, court rules.David Rosenberg, Yesterday, 7:24 PM

Haaretz writer resigns amid sexual harassment claims

Veteran Israeli journalist Dan Margalit announces resignation from Haaretz following accusations of sexual assault, harassment.David Rosenberg, Yesterday, 6:32 PM

Appeal to remove Shaked ally from Judicial Selection Committee

Appeal to High Court demands that Israeli Bar Association head Effie Naveh leave prestigious committee after bizarre criminal probeTzvi Lev, Yesterday, 5:57 PM

Report: PM's recently-deceased lawyer planned for him to resign

Report says Netanyahu's attorney Jacob Weinroth had planned for premier to step down in exchange for reduced sentence in corruption probes.Tzvi Lev, Yesterday, 5:39 PM

US to close east Jerusalem consulate, merge it with embassy

US merges Jerusalem embassy and consulate used primarily for Arab residents - but says change not tied to change on final status issues.JTA, Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 4:59 PM

Victims identified in deadly crash near Dead Sea

Kfir and Shira Avitan of the Golan Heights identified as parents killed in tragic Dead Sea accident, along with daughter Gaya.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 4:28 PM

Defying Bennett, J-lem's Jewish Home branch endorses Moshe Lion

Disobeying party leader Naftali Bennett, Jerusalem's Jewish Home branch supports Lion and not Zeev Elkin. 'Bennett is making a mistake.'Tzvi Lev, Yesterday, 4:15 PM

'Don't bring the terrorist back alive'

Ziv Hajbi's mother demands family of terrorist who murdered her son be expelled, have their home demolished.Benny Toker, Yesterday, 4:03 PM

7 women accuse veteran Israeli journalist of sexual harassment

Haaretz columnist Dan Margalit, who broke Rabin bank scandal in 1970s, accused of sexual assault and harassment by 7 women.JTA, Yesterday, 3:55 PM

Letters from American students to Moshe Dayan revealed

On 51th anniversary of INS Destroyer Eilat sinking, letters revealed sent by LA students to Dayan including donation to purchase new ship.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 3:39 PM

Woman laid to rest after being missing six months

For six months no one knew what happened to the late Tarak Tayik, who was laid to rest 200 meters from where she was found.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 1:02 PM

Parents and baby killed in car accident near the Dead Sea

A couple and their baby were killed after a bus collided with a private vehicle on Route 90 near the Dead Sea. 14 others lightly injured.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 12:38 PM

Shaked will lead authorizing settlements

Expert rep to now join team discussions tasked with authorizing Judea and Samaria communities, reporting progress to Minister Shaked.Mordechai Sones, Yesterday, 11:13 AM

Winter's first rains fall in central Israel

Rain falls along Israel's coast, expected to spread to northern Israel over the weekend.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 9:10 AM

Rabbi Eliyahu: Israel in the midst of a 'spiritual struggle'

Chief rabbi of Tzfat says current security situation over Gaza is the same scenario Israel experienced in the story of David and Goliath.Eliran Aharon, Yesterday, 9:08 AM

'A remarkable Israeli institution in so many ways'

Education minister praises Jerusalem College of Technology for its academic excellence, dedication to Torah and love of the State of Israel.Arutz Sheva Staff, Yesterday, 8:19 AM

'Between 700 and 1,000 intermarriage cases in Ramle'

Jewish Home Ramle Chairman speaks about his party's campaign against assimilation in the city.Mordechai Sones, Wednesday, 10:19 PM

'For rent - not to soldiers' posters in Jerusalem

Watch Jerusalem mayoral candidate remove posters in Machane Yehuda disrespecting IDF soldiers.Mordechai Sones, Wednesday, 9:20 PM

IDF exhibit claims 'hard incitement' by right-wing against Rabin

Exhibition at air force headquarters seeks to demonstrate the 'hard incitement' preceding the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin.Ido Ben Porat, Wednesday, 6:56 PM

Teenager attacks police at Khan al-Ahmar

Arab teenager disrupts Civil Administration work on infrastructure, becomes violent when police intervene.Arutz Sheva Staff, Wednesday, 6:25 PM

Conversion system head resigns

Rabbi Yitzhak Peretz resigns. MK Stern: 'Resignation attests to what we knew long ago about failure of State to deal with conversion issue.'Mordechai Sones, Wednesday, 3:04 PM

MDA bills widow of murdered terror victim for ambulance ride

Widow of Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal, who was stabbed to death by terrorist in February, receives bill for ambulance evacuation of slain husband.Orly Harari, Wednesday, 2:25 PM

MK Asher: Elections aren't decided in court

Regarding court hearing about candidacy of Yitzhak Pindrus in Elad, MK Asher explains elections decided by public.Mordechai Sones, Wednesday, 2:14 PM

'We lost everything'

'It's all gone,' says mother of three whose home was hit in Gaza rocket attack.Orly Harari, Wednesday, 1:50 PM

Where was Nir Barkat for the past 10 years?

Knesset Committee discusses Jerusalem Mayor plan to remove UNRWA from city; Fadida from Zionist Union wonders why Barkat remembered now.Mordechai Sones, Wednesday, 1:41 PM

Defense Minister reprimanded for calling Arab MK a terrorist

Ethics Committee reprimands Defense Minister Liberman for calling MK Zoabi a 'terrorist.'Hezki Baruch, Chana Roberts, Wednesday, 1:29 PM

Netanya: 30-year-old woman found unconscious

Woman found near market on Yisrael Zangwill Street in Netanya. MDA team treats woman and evacuates her under sedation to Beilinson Hospital.Mordechai Sones, Wednesday, 12:31 PM

Will Supreme Court overturn ban on anti-Israel activist?

Former Students for Justice in Palestine leader appears in Israeli Supreme Court, as court questions state's decision to ban her.David Rosenberg, Wednesday, 11:59 AM

Nir Barkat: UNRWA is causing terrorism

At Knesset session, Jerusalem mayor says the time has come to replace UNRWA's incitement, failing welfare system with municipal services.Arutz Sheva Staff, Wednesday, 11:44 AM

Husband permitted to marry second wife

Husband of woman who contracted Alzheimer's at age 36 permitted by rabbinic court to marry another woman.Mordechai Sones, Wednesday, 9:54 AM

How will Jewish woman vote in the heart of an Arab neighborhood?

A Jewish woman from eastern Jerusalem is afraid to vote in a polling station in a school in the heart of an Arab neighborhood.Ben Ariel, Wednesday, 5:34 AM

Zionist Union MK resigns over 'Nationality Law'

MK Zouheir Bahloul submits letter of resignation, will be replaced by Moshe Mizrahi.Chaim Lev, Wednesday, 5:07 AM

'Never was and never will be one like him'

PM participates in funeral of close friend - leading attorney Weinroth: 'a great person has left us.'Mordechai Sones, Tuesday, 10:36 PM

Left attacks Jewish Home campaign in Ramle

Meretz files petition calling for removal of Jewish Home campaign ads warning of dangers of intermarriage.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuesday, 10:06 PM

Fear of measles on flight from Turkey to Israel

Health Ministry calls on passengers on Turkish Airlines flight 788 Thursday from Istanbul to Ben-Gurion Airport to be examined by doctor.Mordechai Sones, Tuesday, 9:35 PM

Getting real about Aliyah: Olim kids ask questions

Schools across Israel celebrate Aliyah Day with ceremonies, projects, activities centered around Olim and their contributions to country.Mordechai Sones, Tuesday, 8:46 PM

Netanyahu defends calling heckler "boring"

PM says interruption of is speech not appropriate on day he lost longtime friend Yaakov Weinroth.Gary Willig, Tuesday, 5:46 PM

Begin: Nationality Law goes against spirit of equality

Son of Menachem Begin says Nationality Law offensive, but does not infringe on rights, praises government investment in Arab sector.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuesday, 5:04 PM

Party running for Tel Aviv council proposes enhancing Aliyah Day

City council candidates suggest amendment to law 'to recognize all contributions olim made to country in proactive, meaningful way.'Mordechai Sones, Tuesday, 4:36 PM

Troubled railways: 'The train will be amazing'

Israel Railways Spokesman responds to series of mishaps: 'Jerusalem line set up as trial, will be in this situation a few months.'Mordechai Sones, Tuesday, 3:48 PM

'We will present our case as a counter to Hebrew University'

Zionist group seeks to join as respondent tomorrow's Supreme Court hearing over pro-BDS student facing deportation.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuesday, 3:26 PM

More Israelis identify as Reform - but few are active members

New study shows that despite large number of Israelis who identify with Reform or Conservative movements, few becoming actively involved.David Rosenberg, Tuesday, 1:20 PM

Air force publishes never-seen photos of Ron Arad

32 years since air force pilot Ron Arad fell into captivity, air force publishes newly- released photos of him during his military service.Arutz Sheva Staff, Tuesday, 12:54 PM

Arabs destroy ancient Jewish village

Arab antiquities robbers caught red-handed destroying ancient Jewish village in northern Israel with a bulldozer. 'The sights are shocking.'Orli Harari, Tuesday, 12:16 PM

'The time has come to open up the Israeli film industry'

Culture minister's 'Cinema Law' amendment, aiming for greater transparency, broader participation in film industry, passes final reading.Tal Polon, Tuesday, 9:42 AM

New Jerusalem-Tel Aviv train line cancels departures

Plagued with malfunctions and delays, segment of new high-speed train linking Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport closed once again Tuesday.David Rosenberg, Tuesday, 8:42 AM

Jacob Weinroth, attorney to PM Netanyahu, dead at 71

'A great loss to world of Israel law,' says PM Netanyahu after attorney Jacob Weinroth's passing.David Rosenberg, Tuesday, 8:28 AM

'This is a good government, no one wants elections'

MK Nissan Slomiansky believes the fear of elections creates unnecessary confusion.Benny Tocker, Tuesday, 3:43 AM

Police detain anti-infiltrator activist Shefi Paz

Activist Shefi Paz detained for questioning after allegedly spraying word 'deportation' in several south Tel Aviv locations.Mordechai Sones, Monday, 7:57 PM

Security Minister supports Jewish Temple Mount prayer rights

Gilad Erdan participates in Temple Mount lobby meeting, expresses support for goals, but notes status quo on Mount lies with Prime Minister.Hezki Baruch, Monday, 5:58 PM

'Israel has succeeded even when rest of the world has failed'

PM Netanyahu hails Israeli economic success where other countries faced recession or stagnation.Gary Willig, Monday, 5:05 PM

'We're here to strengthen Jewish presence in Galilee'

Cornerstone laid for new hesder yeshiva in Upper Nazareth. Rabbi Seglis: 'Lighthouse for Jewish unity.'Rafael Levy, Monday, 4:40 PM

Lapid: Haredim are afraid

Yesh Atid leader says government must pass Draft Law 'and cannot change even one word' of the bill.Arutz Sheva Staff, Monday, 3:42 PM