The Prime Minister's Office National Public Diplomacy Directorate on Sunday, on the eve of Passover, launched on digital platforms and online television in North America, a video that was specially produced for the holiday, which seeks to raise awareness in the US, of the hostages being held by Hamas.

All of the various holiday meals around the world are characterized by values of families, closeness and warmth.

The "Empty Chair" campaign draws attention to the absence of our beloved hostages who have been held by Hamas for 198 days. The campaign shows festive family gatherings and set tables around the customary holidays in the American tradition. Around the table is an empty chair, that breaks the festive atmosphere and around which the family observes sadly.

The video ends against the backdrop of a Seder night meal with the message that the hostages will not be able to celebrate the Passover holiday with their families, and the call: "Let our people go."

“No family in the world should celebrate like this,” the video says.