Ahead of the Passover holiday, the mothers of the hostages stood on Sunday in pain beside the festive Seder table set up in Hostages Square. They found it difficult to imagine the Seder evening without their sons and pleaded for the return of their beloved children, who have been deprived of their freedom for almost 200 days. They called upon the world to apply pressure and make every effort to secure the release of the hostages so that true freedom can be celebrated by all during this Passover holiday.

Dalit Shtivi, the mother of Idan Shtivi who was kidnapped from the NOVA festival stated: "I'm Dalit, Idan Shtivi's mother. Tomorrow is the Pesach holiday, and I can't imagine celebrating Passover, the freedom holiday without my son.

"It's so hard, I cannot explain the pain, I cannot explain and think of celebrating without him. I'm begging that there'll be a deal and he'll be back tonight and he will celebrate with us tomorrow the freedom and the Passover holiday."

Ayelet Samerano, whose son Yonatan's body was kidnapped by a UNRWA social worker added: "Freedom holiday here it comes without our dearest, my son Yonatan Samerano is almost 200 days in Gaza with all other hostages. We are asking you all over the world to take a chair, a yellow chair, and put it at home. Push and put pressure and all efforts to help us bring our dearest home tomorrow.

"In the holiday of freedom, we will not have the freedom, not the families and not the hostages. Bring them back home, she added.

"In less than 24 hours, Jewish people around the world will celebrate Passover, the festival of freedom. However, the freedom of our people was taken away 200 days ago, and it will not return until the release of all 133 hostages being held by Hamas," the Hostages Families Forum Headquarters wrote in a statement.