The scene of the attempted attack
The scene of the attempted attackRescuers Without Borders

Social media users are mocking a report that the terrorist who attempted to stab IDF soldiers near Hebron on Wednesday morning was engaged against her will.

Channel 12 quoted Palestinian Arab sources that claimed that the terrorist, Mimouna Kharahsha, age 20, from the village of Bani Na'im near Hebron, was a nursing student who got engaged against her will yesterday with her cousin.

One social media user by the name of Ronel Adani wondered: "Why didn't she just stab him instead of stabbing Jews? Who cares what these wild men do to each other."

Another added: "Now it's totally clear why she went to stab Jews... What would have we done without your embarrassing interpretation?"

A user by the name of David Yiluv commented: "What do I care what she was? She's a terrorist who came to wipe out Jews and that's what she was. Have you fallen on your head? Are you the terrorism spokesperson's office?"

"She went to stab Jews because it was part of her religion. The interpretation that you adopted from the Palestinians is not relevant and doesn't matter," wrote someone else.