Eitan Mor
Eitan Morcourtesy of family

Zvika Mor, the father of Eitan Mor, who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7 and who remains in captivity in Gaza, wrote about the experience of preparing to celebrate the Passover holiday tonight while his son is held hostage.

"Ethan, my love! The house is almost ready, we're making the final preparations for the search for chametz (leavened products). I remember when you were little, how you, Roni, and Yair hid the pieces of bread in small bags around the house for me. We played 'hot and cold' and I would know I was getting close by the smile on your face," Mor wrote.

He added, "Tonight we will check for chametz at home without you, and then we will eat our usual pizza for the night of the searching for chametz - the 'reward' for the cleaning work throughout the day. I hope you can eat something there that somehow satisfies you. Every time I eat, I think of you and put something aside for you, maybe you'll suddenly come home."

"Mom bought you new clothes for the holiday, just the way you like them, and tomorrow we'll leave a chair for you at the Seder table. Not that we need a reminder because you're always in our hearts, but because you might suddenly come with Eliyahu (Elijah) the prophet. So you have new clothes, a place at the table, and a matzah set aside for Eitan in case you're late," the father said.

"This time I'll allow you to eat more than an olive's worth of the karpas (dipped vegetables). Eat as much as you want. The main thing is to eat. Whatever you have and as much as possible. Maybe tomorrow you won't have any. Eat whatever you find, even if it's pure chametz, as it says of the commandment, 'and live through them,'" he said.

"For weeks I've been debating whether to come to the Kerem Shalom crossing on the eve of the holiday with matzahs and wine for you and demand that humanitarian aid be delivered to you. I don't need these actions to remember you and think of you.

"For the media that will come, it will be a real celebration because it will touch everyone's hearts, but we are liable to come out for the worse vis-à-vis Hamas, weaken the state, and delay your release," he said.

Zvika told his son, "I trust you that you are a free man despite everything. Please make sure that your brothers and sisters who are with you do not fall into despair. You know the songs of the Haggadah perhaps better than others. Sing them these songs that are sung for the first time in Hamas captivity."

"Let's make an agreement that we will be happy with what we have. We will cherish the growing longing that teaches us how much we love and are close, we will be strengthened by the partnership of the entire people of Israel with us, and we will allow our hearts to expand with every sorrow that comes with a blessing and a wish, we will accept with love every hug that is sent to us from all the communities of Israel and we will be happy that we have not lost and will never lose hope," he concluded.