Antony Blinken and Benny Gantz
Antony Blinken and Benny GantzShmulik Almany

The Chairman of the National Unity Party, Minister Benny Gantz, spoke on Sunday with United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Gantz expressed his concern to Blinken regarding the apparent decision to impose sanctions on the IDF's Netzach Yehuda Battalion.

Gantz warned the Secretary of State that the apparent decision to impose sanctions on the battalion would be a "double mistake: it will hurt Israel's legitimacy during the war, and it has no justification since Israel has a strong and independent judicial system, and all IDF units are subject to the IDF orders, which comply with international law. Gantz asked Blinken to reconsider the matter," a message from the minister's office stated.

Gantz's office further stated that the minister noted to Blinken that together with Israel's military pressure on Hamas in Gaza, there is an obligation to advance, together with the US and other nations in the region, the issue of the "day after" in the Gaza Strip, in a way that will also apply diplomatic pressure on Hamas, advance the return of the hostages, and allow the strengthening of the moderate axis in the region.