During Israel’s difficult time Lior Narkis and Noam Horev have join forces in a new song that strives to strengthen the nation, with a collection of many of the most beautiful, moving, and happy moments, that we as Israelis are most proud of, reminding us that there is still good here.

An intriguing collaboration between singer Lior Narkis and composer Noam Horev produced a song that, although written before October 7th, has suddenly taken on a strong and powerful meaning.

In a long process, Noam Horev collected dozens of beautiful moments of ‘Israeliness,’ covering many areas and bringing to light the colorful and exciting mosaic of the Jewish people – from culture, sports, science, technology, Jewish holidays, Israelis, tradition, IDF, landscapes, to inspiring characters, who became the heroes and heroines of the Israeli saga.

All these moments were combined into a powerful, unconventional, and unique song in the landscape of Israeli music. At this time Lior and Noam are trying to strengthen the Israeli society, to remind everyone that there is good here; to unite and gather everyone around the tremendous achievements of such a young country.

"It is exactly during the difficult and complex days that we are going through, that we wanted to remind you that there is also good in Israel," says Narkis. "Noam Horev, who wrote the song, collected some of the most beautiful, moving, and happy moments that we as Israelis are most proud of. I am proud to be Israeli. We have a lot of good and we must not forget that."

"We will continue to pray for our soldiers, for all the hostages to return home and for the whole nation of Israel. There is good here, and I believe that with God's help, it will soon be much better."