Ariel Galili is welcomed at his home
Ariel Galili is welcomed at his homeCourtesy

Dozens of Karnei Shomron residents held a moving welcome ceremony today (Monday) for Ariel Galili, a local resident and student of the Golan Yeshiva, who was injured in Gaza.

The residents accompanied his return with flags and signs while singing songs of gratitude including 'Am Yisrael Chai'. The procession was held from the beginning of HaOz Street in the Nofei Binyah neighborhood to his home.

About two months ago, the Golan Yeshiva under the leadership of Rabbi Yoel Manowitz, published an official announcement about the injury of seven of its students, including two in serious condition.

"Unfortunately, in the incident in Gaza this morning, several of our soldiers were injured. Two of them seriously", the Yeshiva wrote.

"The names for prayer: Yair ben Naomi Esther, Moshe Aharon ben Leah Baila, Elroi Yinnon ben Sigal, Yotam ben Zehava, Chaim ben Miriam, Ariel ben Efrat, Itai ben Rachel".

Rabbi Yoel Manowitz, head of the Golan Yeshiva, addressed in a special lesson given at that time about the injuries of seven of its students in the battles in Gaza, including two in serious condition.

"They entered a house with a tunnel entrance inside. A large high-explosive charge was thrown. It was a very painful incident. The commanding officer, Yiftach Shahar, from the Shaldag special forces unit, replaced their previous commanding officer and is now with them in Soroka because he was injured a few weeks ago and is now recovering with them,'' Rabbi Manowitz stated.

"Itai Leniado saved me and now I am recovering with him because he is here injured', Galili said. ''This is our situation, where the commanding officer who is in the hospital replaced the previous one, whose family is still sitting shiva in Karmiel for Eyal Shominov, a tremendous personality who was training them. We were joined by the deputy commander Itai Saif, may his memory be blessed, who has been with us from day one."

"We feel that all three are part of our study hall and learn for the elevation of their souls," said Rabbi Manowitz.

He added, "We thank God that thank God we have no fatalities but we have 7 injured, 3 of them in better condition, conscious, communicating. But even when they say that they are relatively better injured, it must be understood that all will need surgeries. The most seriously injured of all, Ari, arrived in a bad condition and received a lot of blood. They brought him out of eminent danger but the cost was that his legs were amputated. It is amazing to meet the family, strong and believing people. Ari will have all the vitality and effort of the Yeshiva - they will stand by him for a long rehabilitation".

"Such an event greatly strengthens our family nature, very much connects the Yeshiva and connects us. We suffered, but God is with us, guarding us all the time, everyone will return and we will rejoice with them. To hear the parents, what powers, strengths, and faith. Ari's mother isn't talking about rehabilitation, she's talking about his wedding,'' he concluded.