Palestinian Passport?

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This post is in many ways a continuation of my pre-Shabbat post,  "Arabs, So-Called "Palestinians" Acting Sovereign! Beware!!" I suggest you read it, too, please.

And here's the most recent:

Palestinian Passport?

I feel like I was just hit by a heavy truck.

Call me dumb. Call me naive.

Honestly I never thought of travel documents for Arabs who live here and aren't Israeli citizens. Before June, 1967, they were Jordanians, right? Also, lihavdil/to differentiate, during the three years we lived in Israel before being official Israeli citizens we received a special travel document from Israel. Many of the Arabs who live here and aren't Israeli citizens are from other Arab countries, or their parents or grandparents came from other Arab countries. Nu, so don't they have citizenship from those countries?

Well, I should tell you what got me floored. I read the recent notice to American Citizens from the U. S. Embassy. It said that many American citizens in Gaza want to leave and are asking for help from the American Government. And to receive help, they must register with all sorts of documents. Among those documents is a "Palestinian passport number and validity."

According to Wikipedia:

Palestinian Authority Passport/Travel Document Arabicجواز سفر‎ (Jawaz Safar) is a passport/travel document issued since April 1995 by the Palestinian Authority to Palestinian residents of the Palestinian territories for the purpose of international travel.
The Palestinian Authority passport is available to anyone on production of a birth certificate showing that they were born in Palestine. What constitutes "Palestine" for this purpose is not clear. In practice only residents of areas under the Palestinian Authority jurisdiction can apply. Whether Palestinians born outside Palestine could apply for the passport is also not clear.[1]However, the passport issuance is subject to additional restrictions imposed by the Israeli government.[1] Israel asserts that the requirement is permitted for security needs under the Interim Agreement.[2] The United States regards the Palestinian Authority as not controlling its borders, with all persons entering Palestinian Authority controlled areas being required to obtain permission from Israel.[3]

This is what it looks like.

It shouldn't be confused with this old one, from the British Mandate.

During the British Mandate, the term "Palestinian" referred to Jews, not Arabs.

Elder of Ziyon

That should give you something to think about...

Shavua Tov, Have a Good Week!