Obama May Trigger a World War III

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, the man who won a nobel peace prize [sic] may start a series of events that could quickly get out of control.  Just like a summer campfire in the woods can quickly spread once it is lit, so this military engagement with Syria can trigger a G-d forbid WWIII.  Let us not forget, this military action against Syria is not ONLY with Syria. Russia, still a super-power, will most likely get involved as well.


Russia could decide to strike at American interests (Saudi Arabia) if Obama strikes at Russian interests (Syria).

According to one report posted at The European Union Times, entitled, "Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks Syria" Russia 'reportedly' has made a threat that if the USA strikes Russian interests i.e. Syria, then Russia would strike American interests i.e Saudi Arabia (oil fields, etc)  If oil fields are hit, it would affect a domino of countries who rely on oil from Saudi Arabian oil wells.  A hit on Saudi oil will sky-rocket gas prices, and could collapse or at the very least, grind many economies to an insufferable condition,  which could bring them into this war, and walla, we've got a possible WWIII.  

No one knows the future, whether this military action by Obama will stay limited or not, however what we do know is that for the moment the violence in Syria is contained. Assad, if HE was the one who used chemical weapons (which we have not seen conclusive proof of), and it was not the rebels, has not used chemical warfare since Obama's war threat, and Russia could remove and accept the Syrian government's chemical weapons, to avoid military hostilities from the USA.  Why then is Obama not exploring that option, or another non-violent option?  Instead Obama is mowing over congress to go to war when things are so delicate in the region, and other countries are involved; Russia, Iran, both significant military powers.  If Obama strikes at Syria, thousands and even tens of thousands more innocent people in this region can die.  Syria stated that it would retaliate and hit Israel if America attacks her.  Hezbollah will join in against Israel and has thousands of missiles it will rain down on Israeli cities. If Israel fights back in a defensive act, other Arab countries could join in the fray against Israel. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, perhaps even China who purchases oil from Iran for its industries, could feel they have to respond if their economies or foreign interests are at stake. Many, many people in the world will be affected, and lose their lives if Obama strikes at Syria  - when there is no real threat against U.S. citizens from the Syrian government.

Though we all hope war doesn't spread, there are no assurances that this campfire lit by Obama in such dry woods, will not shoot out sparks here and there and cause a massive fire that we cannot put out before it consumes the whole forest.

Lest we forget, World War I, or, 'The Great War', was started by less.