I Got Boycotted!

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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How do anti-Semites say 'boycott' ?  The answer?  BDS  

From their website:  


In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. A truly global movement against Israeli Apartheid is rapidly emerging in response to this call.

Below is a 'Guest Post' by Leah Aharoni, owner of AQText Translation Services  who just got boycotted.

I Got Boycotted!

I run an Israeli translation agency, which serves clients from around the world.  The other day, a UK translator responded to my inquiry for cooperation with a flat refusal, motivated by her “moral stance against atrocities committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.”

Forget about the dubious logic of stereotyping all 7 million Israelis as willing collaborators with government policies (reality check: Israel is a democracy with an extremely robust political debate). Apparently, this Brit has greater moral compunctions than the Arabic translators from places as far-flung as Gaza, Bethlehem, Egypt, and Jordan, with whom we cooperate on mutually profitable projects.

After the initial shock of coming face-to-face with this Jew-hatred and ignorance, I felt grateful and fortunate! Nothing helps us count our blessing like a little bump on the path.

Grateful to our clients the world over, who look beyond the media-projected image of Israel as a war zone, instead choosing to take advantage of Israel’s extremely diverse pool of highly educated native speakers of just about every language, with innovative minds and customer service mentality.

Fortunate to work with people, who focus on what we do, not the “neighborhood” we live in.

Grateful to our supporters and friends, who have showed intellectual honesty and moral fortitude by forming a rational opinion about my country, despite the prevalent social climate and libelous propaganda.

Fortunate to know that these friends will be by our side in the face of any BDS initiatives.

And to all the B(D)Sers out there I have only this to say – you don’t stand a chance!