Forget Ebola.  It’s Tolerance that’ll finish us first.

Zalmi Unsdorfer,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Zalmi Unsdorfer
A Religious Zionist who advocates for Israel as a writer, TV & panel commentator. Chair of Likud-UK, he supports Jewish resettlement in all of the Jewish homeland, Eretz Israel. He regularly tweets @zalmiu...

Liberals claim to be all about tolerance, and it’s tolerance that is threatening to destroy so much of what we value and hold dear.

Netanyahu is no liberal but he is an inveterate tolerator. Witness the situation in Jerusalem where it’s been 9 months since the so-called ‘silent intifada’ really started. Random stoning of cars escalated to petrol bombings and then the blowing up of a city petrol station. Jostling of yeshiva students in the Old City graduated to knife attacks. And what became almost daily Arab attacks on the new light railway culminated horribly last week in the death of a little baby in the deliberate ramming of a line of waiting passengers.  

In the face of public anger, the border police now admit they’ve been prevented ‘like dolls’ from taking firm action by a government that hoped the problem might go away.

But just like graffiti on a wall, if you fail to clean up quickly you will only get much, much, more … until it’s all over the place and out of control.

Netanyahu applied the same foolish tolerance to rocket fire from Gaza. A year ago it was just monthly. Then by his turning the other cheek it became weekly and then daily. The miracle that most missiles fell into open spaces only encouraged that complacency until that tolerance so emboldened the enemy that Israel wound up with 50 days of incessant rocket fire all the way up to Hadera.

The clear lesson is that there needs to be ZERO tolerance for this kind of thing. If we had cracked down hard on the first light railway attack and the first Gaza rockets, things would have turned out very differently. We would have prevented many deaths and millions of shekels in damages and war costs.

Further afield, tolerance is undermining and endangering society and world order.  Why do we tolerate radical leftist professors who are poisoning the minds of our university students, and Islamic hate preachers infiltrating our student unions? Why do we tolerate immigrants who stridently reject the norms and ethos of the host country? If you are invited into someone’s home, do you not show consideration and respect? Or do you just dump your stuff at the door, put your feet up on the table and demand a free meal without any offending ingredients?

Then there are government employees, who it seems cannot ever get fired no matter how incompetent they may be. Where I live in the UK, this charge has been levelled at  the Home Office and Border Agency both of which have been labelled as ‘unfit for purpose’ for bungling deportation orders for illegal immigrants and failing to stop convicted killers and rapists waltzing in and out of Britain from their home countries in Eastern Europe. There’ll be lots of official enquiries but, you can bet next year’s salary, no-one will be fired or step down.

In America there’s been so much incompetence exposed in the Obama administration – the IRS, Obamacare, Benghazi etc. – that the common refrain is: “What does someone have to do to get fired by this administration?” 

Which brings me back to Ebola.

On 9-11 President Bush dramatically grounded all aircraft flying over the United States. It was a bold and unprecedented order.  No question that if Ebola ever escaped into a major US city there could be a hundredfold more deaths than on 9-11. And yet Obama’s ‘health experts’ insist a travel ban on Africa is unnecessary and would be ‘counter-productive’. 

Now we hear that a doctor who had been working at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in Guinea casually flew back to New York, rode the subway, went bowling and socialising before his temperature shot up to 103.  At the very least, ordinary citizens might have expected the authorities to screen or quarantine returning doctors and nurses who had been in direct contact with Ebola patients. Did they stop this doctor when he boarded in Africa? Or when he landed at Kennedy?

And what about the doctor himself?  He knew where he had been. Was it responsible or reasonable of him not to take basic precautions of his own?  

They call themselves ‘Doctors Without Borders’. I’d call them Doctors Without Sense.

As usual, there are cries of foul and incompetence. But it will make no difference. No-one will get fired.  It will just be another thing tolerated.

It’s a sick joke that the only place heads do roll is in the sands of Iraq.

And that too is down to tolerance.

Tolerance of pure evil.

The evil is nothing new, only its execution.

But even now America and Europe are tolerating the purveyors of Islamic fundamentalism and murderous Jihad. They like to call it ‘engagement’ but it is really the same old appeasement which so emboldened Hitler to plunge the world into war. It’s all in the labelling – just like the toxic debt which brought down Wall Street in 2008 was packaged as CDOs and other innocuous derivatives. Maybe they’ll to the same to nuclear waste one day.

Whether it’s tolerating Iran so determined to deploy the first Islamic nuclear bomb, or Qatar as paymasters of Hamas, or Saudi Arabia the font of Wahhabist fundamentalism and home to most of the 9-11 hijackers. These terror capitals are to be shunned, not tolerated.

Mayor Rudi Giuliani famously cleaned up street crime in New York with a simple but firm doctrine of Zero Tolerance.

We need strong world leaders to apply that same doctrine in foreign policy and government service.