Protest or Posturing? Are There Any YESHA Leaders?

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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I'd say that we've been had, bamboozled, conned!

Rebellion From The Ranks? Or Just Posturing?

I'm one of the simple citizens, Israeli citizens disgusted but not really surprised that our Prime Minister, the Likud's Benjamin Netanyahu has buckled under "foreign pressure," and declared a new White Paper forbidding Jewish growth in the Land of Israel.

What irony that Bibi sent Benny Begin off to defend it.  Begin son of Menachem sounded just like his father, and I trust him even less. I remember Menachem Begin's claim that his giving the Sinai to Egypt would guarantee Israel's eternal possession of Judea and Samaria.

As compensation for the destruction of Jewish communities in the Sinai many communities were rebuilt with international guarantees in Gush Katif, and we all know what happened to them.

And yes, those two unprecedented massive destructions were under the rule/administration of the Likud. Yes, only the Likud can do it. Israel's Loony Left Defense Minister Ehud Barak sent out official orders forbidding future building right before Shabbat. 

 Ariel's Mayor Ron Nachman condemned it and claims that he will ignore them.  Beit El's Mayor Moshe Rosenbaum ripped up the orders he received. Efrat has suffered from building hold-ups for eight years already.

How ironic, since Efrat, as the largest community of Gush Etzion, has always marketed itself as "not a settlement," being in the "Israeli consensus" to always be in Israel.  It's about time that residents of Gush Etzion take a good look and good listen and admit that those who object to my being in Shiloh don't see their addresses as any more acceptable.  They should unite with us and proudly say that they, too, are "settlers."

Nadia and Ruth Matar's Women in Green (or was it Moetzet YESHA?) had a great slogan in its early years:

YESHA ze kahn!  YESHA is here!
I attended their demonstrations all over the Jerusalem area to show the old defunct "green line."  Most Israelis have no idea where it was.  Remember that the Six Days War was in 1967; that's forty-two and a half years ago.  Even Israelis in their mid-forties who grew up in Jerusalem can't remember what it was like before we liberated our Land.  They can't imagine Jerusalem without Ramat Eshkol, French Hill, Ramot, Giloh etc.
Barak, meanwhile, said at a closed meeting at his ministry in Tel Aviv, "We are talking about a unilateral step, at the government's initiative, which has been coordinated with the United States, with the intention of advancing the diplomatic process with the Palestinians."
That means that we get nothing for it.  And Israel has tried that method with one consistent result every time. It has only made things worse, more terrorism and more death and destruction for Israelis.
Binyamin Netanyahu and family may be occupying the Prime Minster's Residence, but our government's policies are from Ehud Barak, whose Labor Party received very few votes.  I'd say that we've been had, bamboozled, conned!
Now, it's very "photo op" that Moshe Rosenbaum and Ron Nachman have made their little protests.  What's next?