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Two years ago on July 12, 2006, a little after 8am, the Hezbollah terror organization launched rocket attacks on northern Israel sending its civilians screaming and running to their bomb shelters.  As this deadly diversion was taking place, the Hezbollah orchestrated their other intent - a raid across the Lebanese border into Israel to kill and kidnap.  See video below of Arabic news showing the footage of the attack and kidnapping.

Slide needle up to:
2:57 seconds - Hezbollah soldiers race towards Israeli border with cover fire against Israel.
3:11 seconds - Hezbollah soldiers bomb gate at border to enter Israel.
4:41 seconds - Hezbollah loading the kidnapped soldiers into their truck and then driving into Lebanon.

Two Israeli armored Humvees that were patrolling on the Israeli side when the Hezbollah fired rockets at them.  All in all, 8 IDF soldiers were killed.  IDF Master Sergeant Ehud Goldwasser and First Sergeant Eldad Regev were kidnapped, and carried off into a waiting vehicle on the border, where they were loaded and driven away.
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert proclaimed this an 'act of war' and  Israel's chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz, told Israel's Channel 10, "If the soldiers are not returned, we will turn Lebanon's clock back 20 years."  Is there supposed to be a laugh track inserted here?  But this is anything but funny.

Olmert took Israel to war for the explicit purpose to free Israel's kidnapped soldiers, and eliminate the Hezbollah and its ability to strike at Israel's population centers.  It failed in both attempts.
It was with disgust as I watched the footage on the news today of happy celebrations of the Hezbollah, and the hero's greeting that convicted murderer Samir Kuntar (yimach shmo - may his name be erased) received.  At the same time in Israel, a convoy of trucks and security cars somberly and slowly traveled to an army base where the parents of the dead IDF soldiers were waited for the coffins with the remains of their sons. Little did they know how mutilated the bodies of their sons were. The news kept switching between scenes, Israel and Lebanon, comparing the two diametrically opposed emotional reactions.

In a more perfect world, Israel would have gotten their pilots into jets, loaded with bombs, and flown over the terrorist's celebratory welcome , annihilating the whole Hezbollah army, including Samir Kuntar (yimach shmo), and all their supporters. 

How good that would have felt for the Israeli people to instill a little bit of pride back into their hearts. Our soldiers who were fighting 2 years ago in Lebanon told Olmert that they didn't want him to make a  deal with the Hezbollah.  They said they wanted to continue fighting until the Hezbollah was defeated and could not launch attacks against Israel and our people anymore.  Olmert didn't let them. And so, the war is still not over.  Our enemies are just re-arming. 

Israel would be justified in bombing the Hezbollah/Kuntar celebrations.  The West is supposedly involved in fighting a war on terrorism for goodness sake!  So who could complain?  Iran?  Syria?  Saudi Arabia?  So flippin what!

Hezbollah soldiers salute.

All those who attended the celebrations were the Hezbollah and their supporters. We had thousands of Hezbollah supporters and soldiers in one place, as well as Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Hizbullah.  A better invitation could not have been given. The Israeli government could and should have bombed, bombed, bombed their celebrations.  The thousands of Hezbollah soldiers who will soon be fighting us again, could have been eliminated in one major fell swoop.  It would have been a blessing for the world. 
It's been 2 years and 4 days since the war started. Finish the war!