Now hiring: Strategic position open in Foreign Ministry

Susie Dym,

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Susie Dym
Susie Dym serves as spokesperson for Mattot Arim, with over 20 years of expertise on "peace-for-peace" issues.
Now hiring: Strategic position open in Israel’s Foreign Ministry
The Legal Adviser  to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is retiring.
The Legal Adviser gives legal advice, on legal matters of international concern, to: the Minister of Foreign Affairs, departments and divisions of the Ministry, the Ministry Administrators, Representations of Israel abroad, other major governmental authorities and bodies in Israel,  Foreign Missions, and international organizations via their representatives in Israel.
Binyamin Netanyahu seeks a NEW legal adviser and the 2 contenders at this time are these:
A former top Zipi Livni aide, Tal Becker.
Becker has said:
“What lies at the heart of the two-state model is that  this conflict is about two peoples, each with rights to self-determination in this place, and that the only way to balance those demands is through partition.”
Another gem: “Our presence in the West Bank is the consequence of a defensive war in 1967. We have an obligation to bring an end to that presence.”


A former ambassador to Britain and expert in international law, Daniel Taub. Apart from the actual reason why his ambassadorship to Britain was terminated, which I would rather not get into, Mr Taub has systematically avoided every single opportunity he was ever given, to defend legality of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Even when members of the public actually contacted his embassy to receive materials about legality of settlements, the Taub embassy turned them away empty-handed and refused to provide any legal material whatsoever on legality of Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria.

For example, here is an interview snippet about the 3 Israeli youngsters kidnapped and later murdered by Hamas:
British Interviewer, being hostile to Israel: “Do you think your approach is working  - illegally settling those areas and having young people wandering around them, is that working for Israeli security??
Daniel Taub: “Ummm…the youngsters that we’re talking about were people that were born in this situation, these are not youngsters that you can blame for having moved somewhere...”
Interviewer (triumphantly): “You’re not denying though…”
Or this:
A group of students wrote about their experience asking Ambassador Daniel  Taub  about the “controversial issue of” Israelis settling in the “West Bank”. Taub defended (sic) Israel’s position as follows: he “pointed out that this issue divides even the Israelis, with some governments opposing and others, as presently, supporting such activities. He cited the 2009 settlement freeze as an attempt to bring Israeli and Palestinian parties to the negotiating table on this and other issues. He also pointed to Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai and other lands”.

Responsive to “illegal settlement” type attacks, Mr Taub once proudly boasted to BBC Radio 4's World at One that: "[W]e have something less than 2% of West Bank land, which would all have been included in areas which would be land-swapped,.... For close to two decades, we haven't had a single Israeli prime minister who has not recognised the need to establish a Palestinian state."

As veteran columnist Geoffrey Alderman once delicately put it,  on the e-pages of the Jewish Chronicle: “Which brings me to the reaction of Israel's government to the Commons vote. During the October 13 debate, much was made of Jewish settlements on the West Bank. There is a strong case to be made supporting the legitimacy of these communities in international law. But in his BBC radio interview on October 14, Israel's ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub, was repeatedly quizzed on this topic, and repeatedly failed to give a direct answer.”
With friends like this, why do we need enemies? Or to paraphrase, with weak-kneed legal advisors like  Becker and  Taub, who will even need the vindictive, hostile Palestinians to wage lawfare against us?
Do not hesitate to contact PM Netanyahu via the able Director General  of the MFA, Dore Gold, and urge both of these public figures to consider candidates OTHER THAN Messrs. Becker and Taub. After all, Israel has many outstanding legal scholars with a more resolute and positive outlook. But PM Netanyahu  and Mr. Gold have yet to make a final decision that legal experts, other than Becker and Taub, will even be permitted to submit their  respective candidacies. Use this contact information:;; to contact Mr. Gold and the Prime Minister.
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