Bury the Idea of a NegotiatedPeace Deal with the Arabs?

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
New York-born Batya Medad made aliyah with her husband just weeks after their 1970 wedding and has been living in Shiloh since 1981. Political pundit, with a unique perspective, Batya has worked in a variety of professions: teaching, fitness, sales, cooking, public relations, photography and more. She has a B.S. in Journalism, is a licensed English Teacher specializing as a remedial teacher and for a number of years has been studying Tanach (Bible) in Matan. Batya blogs on Shiloh Musings and A Jewish Grandmother. ...

Should Israel Bury the Idea of a "Negotiated Peace Deal" with the Arabs?

Can Peace really be negotiated with the local Arabs aka or so-called Palestinians sic?

Israeli policy has been based on such a premise for a dangerously long time. I'm not just talking about the past few years. Many Israeli leaders have been dreaming of this since even before the beginning of the State of Israel. Labor Zionists have considered Peace to be something attainable if only we'd...

Never have mainstream Israeli leaders dared accept the unpleasant fact that there is absolutely nothing we can do to make the Arabs accept a viable Jewish state here. They, meaning we though not me and my ilk personally, have tried everything possible to show how nice, friendly and tolerant we can be. Whatever other country would accept enemy wounded into our hospitals as proof of "apology" for shooting back after being attacked?  Yep, it does sound pretty dumb.

And in the sixty-six years of Israeli statehood, so many different negotiated plans have been proposed, and they've all been failures. And unfortunately most, if not all, have been unilateral concessions by Israel. Each one leaving us smaller and weaker.

The reason that the great 1967 victory of Land, in the Six Days War wasn't fully embraced by Israeli policy is that the movers and shakers of the time considered that Land to be what the Arabs wanted in exchange for peace. The Israeli leadership was wrong on both counts.

  • Jordan, at that time there was no concept or history of an Arab Palestine, was not interested in continued Jordanian occupation of Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley. 
  • Syria only used the Golan Heights as launching pads against northern Israel.
  • Egypt only used the Sinai as a useless buffer zone.
  • And none of them wanted peace with us, no matter what we bribed them with. That only changed once Sadat took over after Nasser in Egypt.
Here we are decades later, and after the invention of a "Palestinian People" sic, and they still don't want to negotiate peace with us, because they don't want a Jewish State in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva etc. Shiloh isn't the problem.
The latest Arab tactics totally bypass negotiations with us. That's because the Israeli plan for negotiations for a "two state solution" is for Israel to have power over the new Arab state.The Arabs don't need us for a state, because so many countries and international bodies already recognize a state called "Palestine." 

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Israel's continued insistence on the viability of such negotiations is like buying LP records to play on your MP3.