Ken Roth: anti-Israel humanitarian tweeted to death?

Tuvia Brodie,

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Tuvia Brodie
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Ken Roth is head of the NGO Human Rights Watch. He is supposed to be a ‘Humanitarian’, one who respects humanity. Instead, he might be an anti-Semite.

He accepts as gospel all casualty figures published by Hamas. For example, if Hamas says that eighty-two per cent of casualties in this latest Gaza-Israel war were civilians, that is, apparently, fine with him. If Israel objects and says that a preliminary analysis of the dead suggests that 40-50 per cent of the dead were fighters, Roth rejects such statements as lies and propaganda.

He supports almost everything that the terror organization Hamas says. He rejects virtually everything the democracy Israel says. Despite his claim to be a humanitarian, he seems clearly to support terrorists who reject human rights. Just as clearly, he seems to reject a democracy which protects Arab human rights more than any country in the Middle East.

Now, serious questions have surfaced about the truthfulness of Gaza’s casualty numbers. Important news outlets (The New York Times and the BBC) wonder if perhaps those numbers were cooked by Hamas for propaganda purposes. What does the pro-Hamas humanitarian Ken Roth have to say about that? Well, He claims ignorance. He isn’t sure why Gazan fatalities are so overwhelmingly male. He has tweeted, “Young men over-represented among Gaza dead: unclear if Hamas won't acknowledge fighters or Israel targets young men”, (“Human Rights Watch head not sure why young men ‘over-represented among Gaza dead’”, Twitchy, August 9, 2014).

Since Mr Roth said this in a tweet, he got tweeted responses.  Here are a few of those responses (and follow-up comments):

-Give us an educated guess, Ken

- Yes, Israel targets young men with guns and rocket launchers.

- bc u know those incidious [sic] Jews have special weapons that only target males #dumbass

- so just to clarify, is it your suspicion that during combat, Israeli soldiers want to kill innocent bystanders, but only males?

- Oh, I get it. You're upset they're not targeting old men and women who are Hamas fighters. Makes sense.

- Gosh so confusing. "Young men" in civilian clothes, with rocket burns on their hands. Must be civilians. Must be.

- Reminder, @KenRoth: Hamas first said 49 of its men were killed in Cast Lead, later admitting the number was 600-700 [This appears to be true. See, “Seemingly Sisyphean Quest”, Sarah Honig’s Blog, August 11, 2014]   

- Another reminder, @KenRoth: Ridiculous statements like this only strengthen the perception that @HRW is a joke.

- It's worse than a joke. Under @KenRoth, @hrw is the useful idiot, accepting terrorists' lies & undermining enlightened democracies

Then, there were these Reader Comments to the tweets above:

- Oh.... He's shocked... But but but but..... Hamas said, the BBC said... Only women and chill'rens were could the actual count show [that] a much larger number were conscription age men? Gasp.... Hamas is being less than forthcoming... You cannot tell me this guy is that friggin stupid.. That dumb a post.... So from here it smells like HRW is just another Israel hating, Jew hating mouthpiece.. When their leaders are this thundering stupid online.... We're supposed to trust HRW numbers on anything?  I wouldn't trust these dimwits to wash my car.... Let alone parse hamas statements with ANY sense of reality. Hamas they trust... It's that damned legitimate Israel they feel who can't be trusted...Another human rights group exposed as a terrorist shill

- I'm beyond trying to comprehend how [people like Roth] come up with such idiocy. And these people are in charge!

-The sneaky Israelis developed ordinance that seeks young people, identifies their manliness, then strikes them dead. Awesome.

- "Unclear if Hamas won't acknowledge fighters....." Ken, Ken, Ken. You don't think terrorists actually lie, do you?

- Human Rights Watch has no credibility on the issue of Israel. They were publicly denounced by their own founder [Robert Bernstein] on this issue [see Robert Bernstein, "Rights Watchdog, Lost in the Mideast", The NY Times, October 19, 2009]. [They] were found soliciting money in return for anti-Israel propaganda. It reflects the corruption of the entire human rights establishment as human rights advocacy. [Such advocacy] should be neutral, detached and objective. [It] has degenerated into Orwellian doublespeak and ideological bigotry.

- I love it when HRW posts blatantly biased tweets like this. Whenever anyone reads this nonsense the bigotry and dishonesty just leaps out.

-Every so-called report from HRW drips with the same sort of stupid anti-Israeli dishonesty. All anyone can do about it is encourage them to go to Gaza and live above a Hamas command post or ammo dump.


Perhaps Mr Roth should look for another line of work. Perhaps his reputation as a ‘humanitarian’ could now be dead.

Could this be the first instance where a 'humanitarian's' reputation has been killed by instant tweets?

We hope so.