"A" Holocaust? Or is It Always "The" Holocaust?

Batya Medad ,

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לבן ריק
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Batya Medad
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It's the former English Teacher in me kicking in again.  Remember that "a" is "one of a potential many."  Most people don't understand the meaning of "a" and "an."  Calling it "an article" doesn't give an answer.  You have "articles" in a newspaper or magazine.  A blog post is a form of article.  When I began teaching English I had yet to be "trained" in the profession, so I had to search well within my mind and experience to figure out how to explain things to my students, who had been the school's failures until I got them, or they got me.  I realized that "a" and "an" were like the "un," "uno" and "una" in Spanish.  Those words are simply translated as "one," "1."

United States President Obama overuses the term Holocaust, considering it no more than a synonym for "pogrom."  One must remember that he was raised by an extreme loony Left mother who married foreign men of different religions and cultures.  She also lived in their countries for portions of her life.  The chances are that Obama has no idea that he's historically incorrect, mistaken.

Googling "Holocaust" I found it as "The Holocaust," because it's the term for a very specific historic event, the German Nazi persecution and systematic murder of Six Million Jews and millions of others.

It's pretty dangerous for the United States to have a president so intimately entrenched in extreme Left ideology.

Obama's statement at his Nuclear Security Summit about committing to limit nuclear weapons may sound good to cockeyed Pollyanna optimists (international loony Left,) but what it does is to destroy all remaining deterrent.  The "good guys" tie their hands to get progressively weaker, and the "bad guys" keep on developing weapons of destruction.  How is that supposed to promote world peace?