Giulio Meotti

In case of “peace”, Israel will abandon everything beyond the fence

Can real sovereignity be applied to a region that today looks like a military area? And in case of new terror, what will Israel do, build bypass roads all the time? New fences?, 2/5/2020, 2:45 PM

Will Israel abandon its most brave Jews under the “peace plan?”

Only passionately convinced people would visit these Jewish towns, as I have many times. And I warn Israel: don't freeze and abandon these communities! , 1/30/2020, 10:27 AM

After 1500 years, Jewish life could be over in Europe

I just wrote - in Italian - a book titled “Europe without Jews. Antisemitism and the betrayal of the West.” Below is why., 1/26/2020, 9:07 AM

In two generations, Europe as you know it will be over

The alternative to demographic irrelevance due to the death of the family and a negligible birth rate, is mass immigration. And Europe embraced it. , 1/21/2020, 10:22 PM

The children of Iranian dictators are getting richer and richer

Iranian economist Manouchehr Farahbakhsh, who lives in London, said that from simple farmers before the Islamic revolution, they became billionaires. Not millionaires, but billionaires. , 1/15/2020, 7:55 AM

The disgusting European hypocrisy about Soleimani

The Soleimani case sheds light not only on European hypocrisy, but also on its self-abasement., 1/8/2020, 11:35 PM

The invisible Jews of Europe

Before Hitler, Europe was home to half the Jewish population of the world. Today, European Jews are trying once again to be invisible., 1/2/2020, 11:30 PM

ISIS is murdering Christians in Nigeria - but it wants you next

Christians, Jews and the entire infidel West are in the sights of ISIS planners, and they don't plan to mince methods, if Nigeria is any indication., 12/30/2019, 8:03 PM

The Hague Court is a disgrace

This long-awaited international court does not dispense justice - it lets off the worst African satraps and instead, aims its arrows at the USA and Israel. , 12/23/2019, 6:15 PM

Erdogan's threat to Western culture

Erdogan is accused of providing a base for Hamas terrorists to plan attacks against Israel, but he has also made Turkey a base for attacking all of Western culture., 12/18/2019, 8:23 AM

Sharing hate for Israel

What do European philosophers and Iranian ayatollahs have in common? They both agree on "the trouble with Jews today.", 12/11/2019, 9:50 PM

Europe's future: Between Islam and post-Christian grotesque decadence

Europe as we know it is on the verge of being confined to a hospice for the as yet incurable disease of decadence., 12/5/2019, 1:59 PM

Anti-Jewish psychosis flares up in the West

It is difficult to find the appropriate words to express the nausea that European countries transmit, as they allow antisemitism to spread like a cancer in metastasis. , 12/1/2019, 11:49 AM

Environmentalists trivialize the Holocaust

Environmentalists have been minimizing, abusing, trivializing and even recruiting the Holocaust in their ideological agenda., 11/26/2019, 11:36 PM

Jihad bombs Israel, Europe tries it at the UN

How many resolutions has the UN passed against Iran's murdering its protesting citizens? You guessed it., 11/20/2019, 12:02 PM

Europe boycotts Israel, where even newborns are in shelters

In Ashkelon's Barzilai Hospital, newborns were rushed to shelters. The EU is too busy labelling Israeli products to notice., 11/13/2019, 5:08 PM

I am on a European-Turkish blacklist, branded an “Islamophobe” 

What a surprise it was to find my name, when reading the European Islamophobia Report funded by the EU. Seems I am considered an Islamophobe, but then Arutz Sheva must be one as well., 11/8/2019, 3:35 PM

Zemmour, the French Jew multiculturalists love to hate

HIs iconoclastic views are the only chance to save France, and that is why he is hated.He is feverish, passionate and intellectually violent, the most controversial, sold and discussed essayst of France. , 11/6/2019, 9:04 AM

Abu Bakr's death: America can be proud, Europe ashamed

Once again, the Americans whom the Europeans look down upon as mere country bumpkins, have done the job., 10/30/2019, 5:44 PM

The French cannot catch their breath under Islamism

The French state has created its own destruction and its police forces are vainly attempting to fight the inevitable., 10/24/2019, 7:33 AM

The Kurdish Rojava was a kind of Israel.and Islamists hated it

Putting Kurdish antisemitism aside, they are a thorn in the Islamist plans just like those Jewis in Israel., 10/20/2019, 1:54 PM

In Western culture, the lemmings defeated the humanists

We have lost the culture war and the barbarians have taken over the academy., 10/17/2019, 7:10 AM

Why Turkey frightens Europe

Europe is never going to break the yoke imposed on it by the Turks., 10/15/2019, 4:59 PM

Antisemitism, the Western heart of darkness, beats strongly in Halle

We have to go deeper and try to figure out how and why antisemitism is not only an Islamic sport, but the Western heart of darkness. , 10/10/2019, 5:26 PM

The Muslim Brotherhood wanted to divide France and it is succeeding

The ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is totalitarian and seeks to standardize thought and society. The new generation of French muslims proves they have succeeded., 10/6/2019, 8:41 PM

Israel is the last bulwark of Western civilization

The new social engineers who respond to a mix of free market and uniformity of thought, like the former Stalinists, want ideological clones. And people are only too ready to fall in line. , 10/2/2019, 8:15 AM

In the UK it is George Orwell's “Animal Farm” come true

Cambridge University is in the midst of an ideological war which seems somewhat mad to anyone looking at it from the outside, but is actually a case of the pigs taking over the farm., 9/23/2019, 9:37 PM

A wind of anti-Zionism batters Israel

Liberman, who made himself a name as a right wing hawk, has lately embraced the secular anti-religious agenda. And militant secularism and Zionism rarely coexisted. , 9/18/2019, 3:27 PM

Will half of the Italians be Muslim at the end of the century? 

Italy was among the first countries in the West to enter a demographic death spiral., 9/15/2019, 8:57 PM

From Mugabe to Gaza, the Western useful idiots are back

They never notice until it is too late, that their idols have massive feet of clay. While Stalin slaughtered millions, they worshipped him, while Hamas destroys Gaza and its residents, they applaud., 9/11/2019, 12:06 PM

Europe's barely clad feminists partner with burqa-wearing Islamists

The burqa, symbol of oppression for those Iranian women who are forced to wear it, is championed unequivocally by feminists. Don't they see the madness? , 9/4/2019, 12:17 PM

London: A mix of foreign tourism and Islamic tribalism

Brexit is the only hope for salvaging England's tradition and culture., 8/29/2019, 12:08 PM

Is Israel's democracy in danger because it banned Omar and Tlaib?

Tlaib and Omar flirt with the worst anti-Semitic tropes since they were elected. But that is seen as no scandal among the people who like to be liked. , 8/25/2019, 11:33 AM

Europe's transmission of culture is shattered

Christians, horrifyingly, are being slaughtered by Muslims in parts of the world, but they are also being eradicated in Europe., 8/19/2019, 2:27 PM

Ehud Barak, symbol of leftist hollowness

Barak's tenure as prime minister was fraught with failures, but putting down the Arab citizens' short-lived rebellion was not one of them. So why is he apologizing for it?, 8/14/2019, 9:02 PM

The shootings are not Trump’s fault, but that of progressive nihilism

Working class Americans have had everything worthwhile taken away from them - and have been given consumerism and pure liberalism instead. , 8/12/2019, 8:29 AM

Have you heard? Jews have hooked noses in Belgium

Belgium is very much the perfect example of Europe's future: the sordid alliance between the atheistic left and Islam. , 8/8/2019, 10:29 AM

Suicidal Christianity turns British cathedrals into golf courses

Golf in a cathedral? Visit the Cathedral of Rochester and join the Christian death wish game., 8/2/2019, 9:16 AM

Greta Thunberg or Europe's mental disorder

A collapsing country's parliament prostrated itself grotesquely before a teenager in shorts., 7/30/2019, 8:58 AM

'Kill the Jews' says Hamas. In Paris you are free to do so.

If you go out to find a Jew to kill, make sure to smoke cannabis first, so the French courts will let you off., 7/25/2019, 5:00 PM

Boris Johnson is right: Islam means cultural suicide

The Arab world is now publishing only between 15,000 and 18,000 books annually, as many as Penguin Random House produces on its own., 7/19/2019, 2:44 PM

Notre Dame still burns

The homeland of equality, freedom and brotherhood has become a mess of disorder and chaos where once was civilization., 7/15/2019, 4:39 AM

First the Saturday, then the Sunday people, third the secularized West

The millennial history of Jews and Christians in countries where they lived for centuries, has become an immense requiem. , 7/12/2019, 12:57 AM

In Germany it is forbidden to criticize the Islamic veil

The price you pay to criticize the veil is well known in Germany., 7/5/2019, 6:28 AM

Mass immigration will terminate Europe as we know it

A country or entire continent cannot survive massive immigration if it has no culture, identity and/or religion of its own that it wants to preserve., 7/2/2019, 12:30 PM

3 kippahs attacked in just 24 hours. Jews, get out of Germany

What are the Jews in Germany waiting for? Why are they still there?, 6/28/2019, 1:36 PM

Vacation time is near, so Europe doesn't care if it is dying

In Europe, the demographic suicide taking place is a taboo. It rocks the boat of too many "isms" beginning with feminism., 6/23/2019, 11:48 AM

A clown raises the alarm in the West, but the people laugh

Figuratively, Europe is going up in flames. No one in the West is sober enough to realize the fire is already out of control., 6/18/2019, 6:33 PM

Paris: Islamists walk free, a Jewish philosopher fears leaving home

Islamists are free to openly incite their communities against France, Israel and Jews. And today, many things are disappearing from France., 6/14/2019, 12:21 PM

D-Day? Europe is imbued with anti-Americanism

There is no European identity, but there is consensus on two fronts: anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism, which go hand in hand., 6/7/2019, 2:30 PM

The haredi community and Israel's future

The haredi total devotion to intellectual and spiritual activities turned Israel not only into the start-up nation, but also in a global spiritual center. , 6/6/2019, 10:12 AM

Dear secular Israelis, the haredi Jews are Israel's bulwark

To survive and strive, the Jewish state also needs the "other Israel," it needs all those black-suited rabbis and students., 5/31/2019, 8:59 AM

A crazy Europe asks Jews to renounce their kippah

Germany, theater of the “final solution of the Jewish question”, is now asking its remnant Jews to avoid being recognized as Jews on the street., 5/29/2019, 12:24 PM

France, the eldest daughter of Islam

Historically, France is a Catholic country, known as the “eldest daughter of the Church.” That is no more., 5/27/2019, 5:27 PM

Italy allows students to go to Hamas university in Gaza

Siena is the first in the world to send students to the Islamic University of Gaza. , 5/24/2019, 5:14 PM

Christianity is dying in Germany while Islam rises

Demographics, lack of community cohesion and lack of belief have brought about a mass demoliton of churches., 5/20/2019, 10:34 PM

In 1943 Jews found refuge in Sweden. In 2019 Jews are attacked there

Today, Helsingborg, Sweden is a small laboratory of European anti-Semitism., 5/17/2019, 11:19 AM