Muslim prayer (illustration)
Muslim prayer (illustration)Flash 90

Katharine Birbalsingh, known as "Britain's strictest headteacher", has just been forced to ban Muslim prayers at her school after teachers were attacked. This time we are in London.

The head teacher ended up in the High Court in a lawsuit brought by Muslim students at Michaela School. Birbalsingh decided to stop the prayer rituals after "violence, intimidation and appalling harassment of our teachers".

In this state school in Brent, north-west of London, the Telegraph informs us that "half the pupils are Muslim". Last year the school was ranked first in the country for 'Progress 8', which measures how much a secondary school has helped pupils improve compared to primary school.

Death threats to staff for preventing Muslim pupils from praying, a girl forced to leave the choir because “her religion forbids her to sing” and another forced to wear the hijab.

The school received a bomb threat via email.

Meanwhile, a second school in London was accused of "Islamophobia" and may be forced to close due to the headteacher's decision to ban children from wearing pro-Palestinian badges. Barclay Primary School in Leyton, east London, has sent a letter to parents warning that it may need to "return to online learning" if the safety of children and staff cannot be guaranteed after receiving bomb threats.

Imagine that poor headmaster in Odensee, Denmark's third largest city, who advised Jewish students not to enroll in his immigrant-heavy school.

Balwant Bains was a school principal in Birmingham. A second-generation Indian Sikh, Bains explained that when a Muslim student threatened his classmates with a knife, the principal expelled him. The board revoked the suspension accusing the principal of being "Islamophobic and racist." Bains resigned and was replaced by a friend of the head of the school board.

The principal of a high school in Drammen did not want Muslim students to leave class to pray. She apologized when several of them reacted violently and now she is facing death threats. Hanne Merete Hagby is the principal of the high school, which has 30 percent Muslim students. “It's not okay to leave class or be late for this reason,” she wrote. She deleted the post after two hours.

An appointment to "lynch" the principal was published on social media. The police had to be there to protect her.

In Germany, a principal has banned Islamic prayers in a school in Wuppertal. In Belgium, however, private Catholic schools, which now have more Muslim students than Catholics, have allowed them.

Frédéric Mortier ended up in court as a teacher at the Wresinski high school in Angers, France, for "racist comments against students". “This is a man who spreads hatred,” attacks SOS Racisme. What did Mortier do that was so bad? During a lesson at his Catholic school, the teacher said that "France is a Catholic country".

The director of the children's organization “Arche”, Wolfgang Büscher, who looks after 7,000 young people every day in 33 facilities across Germany, many of them with a migrant background, reveals to BILD: “We are facing a catastrophe”. It emerges clearly from the declaration of the young Arabs cited by Büscher: "First let's cut the throats of the Jews, then the gays and finally the Christians!". Says Büscher: “I have never experienced anything like this. A 12-year-old boy came to me and said, 'I hate you. We will take back the country'. They reject our culture, our values. Their hatred is unimaginable."

Muslim students gathered in prayer on the premises of the Free University of Brussels, founded by Freemasons in the 19th century. It all started with the complaint of a secular activist, Nadia Geerts, who in an opinion published in the newspaper La Libre revealed the existence of a prayer room. "It is in complete tranquility that, for eight years, students have met every day to pray. First the men, then the women." The activist then said that inside the room there are "clothes for women, carpets, plastic cards" together with "invocations to recite", including the one which reminds us that "There is no god but Allah".

The principal of a school in Florence, Italy, the Marco Polo Technical Institute, offered Islamic students a classroom to gather in prayer.

We posit that Europeans - who no longer take anything seriously - are like the Pompeians who have forgotten wisdom, ignored the dangers and have moved ever closer to the slopes of Vesuvius.