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In the first century, the historian Sallust wrote of the Roman Republic: “Decadence and arrogance are the natural dividends of prosperity.”

These are also Western dividends and Ayaan Hirsi Ali is right when, in her lectio this week named for Russell Kirk, she attacks the "suicidal degeneration of the West".

They want to make everything collapse, without caring about the avalanche that will inevitably overwhelm them too, she asserted.

This week the London Underground stations ("the most anti-Semitic city in the West" according to Israel) began broadcasting the time of Islamic prayer with the Hadith of the day. The poor traveller, looking for the train timetable, finds a saying from the Prophet Muhammad instea.

But if you thought it was an English specialty, like the gray sky of London or fish and chips, you were very wrong!

“Those who feared a creeping Islamization of Germany will feel relieved,” says the Swiss Weltwoche. “Frankfurt am Main is the first city in the Federal Republic to hang Ramadan lights. The mayor Verde of the city speaks of lights 'of the union against discrimination'. The fact is that while Christmas trees disappear in nurseries, Christmas parties are canceled in schools for reasons of religious tolerance and crosses disappear from buildings, elsewhere everything is being done to make Islam more and more visible in Germany”.

In Frankfurt, 15 percent of the population is already Muslim. In the great postmodern void, Islam gallops forward.

“The public lighting for Ramadan in Frankfurt and Cologne is wonderful” comment the German Catholics. I don't think they can be saved, the Catholic idiots, they have delved so deeply into masochism.

Meanwhile, as a by product, anti-Semitism flares up.

After Frankfurt, Cologne: anyone walking through the streets of the cathedral-city will see crescents, the words “Kareem” and “Ramadan”. The city where Benedict XVI made his first papal journey.

And the SPD proposes to light up Berlin for Ramadan as well. Why not, given that in Berlin there are just 9 percent of Catholics compared to 10 percent of Muslims? In the German capital, Islam has already overtaken Catholicism.

And it doesn't matter that the majority of Germans are against submission.

We read from Konrad Adam, former editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and correspondent of Die Welt: “The old Lutheran church in Kolk, one of the oldest places of worship in the city of Wuppertal, will be sold. Like most buildings in my hometown, it was destroyed during the war, rebuilt and only recently fully restored. It is no coincidence that the Barmen Declaration was born in Wuppertal, the first and most important document with which the evangelical Church expressed its resistance to the Third Reich.

"But today there is no longer much evidence of such faith. Muslims have outnumbered Christians and two mosques have sprung up where a church was closed. Turkish travel agencies line up along the Gathe, one of the main streets, interrupted by a Turkish kindergarten so under Turkish supervision.

"This is where the 'Sharia police' was born, which requires women during evening patrols to cover their heads, wear long dresses and be submissive to their men. And here, on a vast abandoned site, Ditib, the German branch of the Turkish religious authority, wants to build its new central mosque, a huge complex with a kindergarten, youth home and apartments for the elderly, for 30 million euros."

Meanwhile, the muezzin is also at home in Aachen, the city of Charlemagne and his cathedral. The city is changing the names of its squares to make room for Islam. Moscheeplatz is the new name of a square wanted by the mayor in agreement with Ditib, the German organization headed by Erdogan: "I am very happy as mayor to have a Mosque Square".

Every morning I hope that Muslims do not end up totally spreading over a West emptied of meaning. I hope, but put not your faith in my hope.